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Should the United States keep the June 30 date for transferring power to Iraqis despite a recent upsurge in violence there?

Asked at Broken Arrow Park on May 2, 2004

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Photo of Steve Weissinger

“No, because I think they’re too chaotic and disorganized. If we do it now, it’s all going to escalate and fall apart. It’ll only get worse.”

Photo of Amy Johnson

“Yeah, we need to get out of there. My youngest brother has been over there for a year and a half. All we’re doing is bringing ours over in body bags.”

Photo of Randy Pringle

“I would say we should keep the deadline. If we’re going to set one, we may as well keep it”

Photo of Michael Schmitz

“Yeah, I think we should. They’ve had plenty of time to set up the new government. It’s time to let the Iraqis try on their own.”


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