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How big of an impact should choices in politicians’ sex lives have on their political lives?

Asked at South Park on June 26, 2004

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Photo of Jon Bowman

“You want to know your politician, but you don’t want to know that much about him. It’s gossip at the political level. Come on, it’s not high school, people.”

Photo of Mike Stine

“I think if it’s in the privacy of his own house it shouldn’t matter as long as it’s not illegal. They can’t be surfing the Internet for 13-year-old girls.”

Photo of Cathy Hilliard

“I think morals and politics should be separate issues. Someone could be a good politician with bad morals. Ideally politicians should have good politics and morals, but this is the real world.”

Photo of Gary Saragusa

“I think it has a big impact. I think a person’s background is important, especially when he’s going to lead the country. But I’m not a liberal, either.”


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