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Should the Kansas Legislature place limits on the sale of Sudafed and other drugs that could be made into methamphetamine?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on June 11, 2004

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Photo of Kara Cowles

“No, I don’t think they should pass any kind of law like that. I think it’s kind of silly and it would be really inconvenient.”

Photo of Ann Hamil

“I would be fine with reasonable limits. If you have a head cold, there’s no reason you need a truckload of Sudafed.”

Photo of Bill Stype

“I say it wouldn’t help. It’s got to be the police that stop meth. Legislating limits on things people need only causes hassle. Meth is a law enforcement problem, not a legislative problem.”

Photo of Russell Hilger

“You could put a limit on what one person could buy at a time because this area is bad. People could keep coming back or send other people to get it, but it could cut down on meth.”


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