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What is the best present you have ever received?

Asked at Royal Crest Lanes, 935 Iowa on December 24, 2004

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Photo of Stephanie Confer

“I’m getting a KitchenAid mixer that I didn’t get as a wedding present this year. That will probably be the best.”

Photo of Damian Powell

“A car. I got a Honda the year I graduated from Lawrence High.”

Photo of April Edmonds

“A bike. I got one when I was five. I asked my mom for it all year long.”

Photo of Ben Hess

“I would say it was a stocking cap that my girlfriend at the time picked up on a trip to Ireland.”


Au_contraire 12 years, 11 months ago

The best present I have ever received is the support of my parents. (They gave me neet stuff too when I was a kid.)

italianprincess 12 years, 11 months ago

The best present I have ever gotten was my grandma's watch. I will be five years this May and I got it last year from my mom. I wish she was still around, I miss her so much.

Merry Christmas everyone

betti81 12 years, 11 months ago

my was a red plastic sled with brakes on it. we lived in colorado at the time so we went sledding in our pj's that day. I sure did love santa that morning :)

happy holidays

ms_canada 12 years, 11 months ago

good morning everyone and nicegirl, you are welcome for the cold weather that we sent you. I think you took it all. I noticed in the LJW that your temp. was 6 degrees yesterday. That is 15 below in Celius. Our temp. for yesterday was 5 above or 35 f. So you took all our cold. As for the best gift I ever received, hmmmm let me see. I think it was a chemistry set the year that I was 12. But boy did I get heck on Christmas Eve (we opened our gifts on C. Eve, the custom of my German background) when I made a rotten egg smell and we had guests. My mom was sorry she bought the darn thing for me. As I mentioned the other day, gifts don't mean a lot to me, the important thing is to be with my family. This year will be a little sad as my older daughter will not be here. She has gone to the city where her son plays hockey to spend the time with him as they have 8 days off for the holiday and she lives 10 hours drive from him. Merry Christmas to you all. And please remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.

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