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How do you react to severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings?

Asked at Borders on August 26, 2004

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Photo of Kevin Flaherty

“I would say that I don’t really react at all to the warnings. I just try to be safe and keep an eye on the weather.”

Photo of Beth Kimberly

“I watch the weather and the storms outside because they look cool.”

Photo of Carissa Carlson

“I’m really scared of the dark. I usually make forts in the bathroom. It’s a good way to get cuddly with someone you love.”

Photo of Lila Savage

“I really like big storms. The lightning is beautiful, and I like to feel the thunder. It would take a lot for me to feel in danger.”


Hi_Jinks 13 years, 10 months ago

How do I react to severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings?

I scream, I holler, and I start to cry and pull at my hair.

Kinda like what I did right after I got done watching "The Day After" many years ago, and I became absolutely convinced that all of eastern Kansas was about to be wiped out by the Russians!! I remember everyone in my family was completely out of control!! Lots of screaming, hollering, crying, and hair pulling. Oh, the sheer terror of it all!!!

Tornadoes, nuclear holocaust, whatever...It's all the same.--My reaction to them, anyway.

BTW....These questions are becoming lamer and lamer with each passing day. I mean back to back "storm (tornado) questions"??!! Who comes up with these "questions"??

LJWorld....Are you reading this post right now??

Funnybone 13 years, 10 months ago

How can we make this political??? I am sure we could work on that. Let's be silly for a minute and say it is a government conspiracy that is stirring these constant tornado and thunderstorm warnings. They somehow invented the technology to control how the weather runs and distress little kids and adults when it is all crazy outside. It is seen as an economic booster with the damage done by the storms. So, how's that for a theory to help get things going politically in our favorite comment post!!!

BigGuy 13 years, 10 months ago

On the subject: I will start unplugging my phone when it storms. Mine got zapped with lightning last night and now the lines are messed up and the phone is fried.

Off the subject: And it's nice to see a little of the old format returning......Go Bush!

Hi_Jinks 13 years, 10 months ago

How come the Lawrence area doesn't have a decent talk radio station?? That's what this city really needs! I would think that a city as large as Lawrence, with its educated/opinionated/diverse make-up would make it possible for some AM news/talk radio station to succeed. I mean, let's face it, here in Lawrence we are roughly half way between Topeka and the KC metro area, and there's no real talk station anywhere around us!! What a shame! An absolute travesty, I say! There's one AM talk staion in Topeka (580 WIBW) and that station only has a few hours of its daily programming schedule devoted to local news and topics (And that's Topeka news and events only!--Not Lawrence!) Meanwhile, KC is too big of an area to really care about what goes on in Lawrence, so all of the talk stations in the KC area couldn't care less about what goes on in Lawrence...Unless, of course, God forbid, Lawrence had some sort of scandal of its own going on!! Like some sort of "Jon-Benet murder", or some juicy sex scandal at KU. You know, there are plenty of cities and towns right here, in middle-America, that are as big as Lawrence (or in some cases, not quite as big/populated) that have one or more AM talk stations of their own!! And Lawrence doesn't!! That's just not right!! Yeah, it's true to some extent that not a whole lot goes on here in Lawrence...But come on, people!! This area of Kansas is as well-educated and as well-versed on just about anything that is happening in this great, big world of ours, as any other place else in all of Kansas!!! And sadly, we have no place to voice our opinions--VERBALLY!! AUDIBLY!! OUT LOUD!! Has anyone ever listened to that Topeka station I mentioned earlier?? There are people in Topeka who have their own opinions about the world--and they are entitled to them, no doubt about it!!--But, I've listened to many a caller living in Topeka complain about this, that, and the other--and they do so in a (I'll be kind!) not so "articulate and well-thoughtout manner"...If you know what I mean! Bottom line is this...If Topeka can have its own AM talk radio station..then so should Lawrence. And I don't care if Topeka has a larger population base and is the capital of Kansas. I believe that Lawrence makes up for its lack of size (compared to Topeka, Wichita, KCK) by being every bit as knowledgeable and articulate about everyday events as Topeka or anywhere else in Kansas. Did you know that both Hays and Salina have talk staions??!! Hays and Salina for God's sake!! We ought to be ashamed of ourselves here in Lawrence!! Frankly, Jonas, Savage , Larry, et al., I really don't know how Lawrence could ever go about getting its own talk station or who would have the money to do so..But I do know one thing, and I'm sure of this...It could and would be a success if it ever happened!! All of us could communicate with each other outside of this LJWorld Post in a far more efficient and direct manner!! Something to think about...

Carmenilla 13 years, 10 months ago

Hey Savage.....I'll put your you restless mind at ease. I was not the one who tattle-taled. Give me a little more credit than that. But on that same note, I did stop commenting for a little while because people were handling themselves horrifically. You can't deny the abuse that went on. I read a few posts that were so condemning of my character that I was in shock. I thought this was a heated yet friendly debate. Some people (not naming names) were actually commenting on my breast size in reference to why I was so "angry and unhappy". Now it seems that even though we may disagree politically (whomever you are) it is not okay to slam people in regards to what amounts as sexual harassment. I'm a tough chick but it was downright mean and hateful stuff. I am sad that it was reduced to school yard taunting and name calling. Its one thing to take someone to task for being a conservative or liberal but bullying makes a dialogue impossible.

grilled_cheese 13 years, 10 months ago


Now, if I can just think of someway to turn this question political...

Carmenilla 13 years, 10 months ago

We all know why these questions are so lame. Some people became very abusive and cuckoo (myself included, at times) on this forum. Too bad we couldn't debate sanely. As far as this question goes, I get out the candles and listen to my battery op radio. KANU keeps us informed quite nicely.

jonas 13 years, 10 months ago

Well, I'm generally okay till the sirens start, but when they do I run outside real quick with a cane and a tophat and do a version of that "Hello my baby," song that the singing frog on looney tunes used to do. It's not my fault, as a small child I was used in a strange pavlovian experiment where, unless I did that song exactly as the frog did, electric shocks were given to either my feet, my butt, or the back of my head, right where it meets the neck. Since then, it's been a conditioned response. It's why I never tell people where I live, because then everytime it storms I have a bunch of people come over and watch and laugh at me. Sometimes they throw bottles, too.


Savage 13 years, 10 months ago

If florida wins for bush dems will blame it on the recent hurricane.(theres your weather tie in yo, I just successfully made the weather political)

If bush wins the election, we will never hear the end of it , that we need 527 campaign reform. Swift boaters rule!

lunacydetector 13 years, 10 months ago

Well of course, tornados and thunderstorms are the fault of the shrub. If our government didn't have tight control over our weather system, we wouldn't have to contend with all these warnings. hee! hee!

bushwacked 13 years, 10 months ago

When we get a weather warning, I don't pay attention anymore. I figure that it's probably the Bush administration that's behind the warnings trying to divert attention away from real issues like the horrible economy and job loss, the enormous deficit and trade deficit, lack of affordable health care or the failing war in Iraq.

Savage 13 years, 10 months ago

yeah, I hear ya carm, but wasnt it fun? I was ripped to shreds too at times, but wasnt it nice knowing you could really get under someone's skin once in a while. It proved you (we) had some pretty good points once in a while.


Savage 13 years, 10 months ago

I am not, do not know, or am not related to Lila Savage above. (pic)

Mike Blur 13 years, 10 months ago

Hey, why hasn't anyone brought up the "Clinton Lake" storm conspiracy theory? According to this theory, Clinton Lake, being SW of LAW, is a trigger/feeder for heavy downpours. Looking at the radar/cloud images from Monday night, it would appear to be that most of the storms started directly over Clinton Lake.

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