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Is construction on west Sixth Street causing you any problems?

Asked at Massachusetts Street on August 17, 2004

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Photo of Ashley Somerhalder

“Yes, as far as the scenic value it’s a problem because that area is losing its aesthetic appeal. I really enjoyed all the trees out there and it makes me kind of sad they’re being cut down. I liked the fact that it was still kind of rural.”

Photo of Kasi Wiseman

“I don’t drive on Sixth Street so it doesn’t really apply to me.”

Photo of Roxanna Fanning

“I’m a college student and everything I do is downtown. What happens in Lawrence suburbia doesn’t affect me; it’s not part of my town.”

Photo of Evan Fox

“I drove by there today and I had no problem. Expansion has got to happen sometime. It’ll be nice when it’s finished.”


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