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Should players who are less than three years out of high school be allowed to enter the NFL draft?

Asked at Borders Books, Music and Cafe on April 23, 2004

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Photo of Laura Gasparini

“Yes. Even if the sport is hard, they should be able to try. If it’s the dream of their life, they should be able to do it.”

Photo of Adam Gasper

“No. As an organization, I don’t understand how the NFL can be forced to do anything. It should be able to set its own rules.”

Photo of Jack Hope

“Not everyone can make $500,000 a year, especially since a lot of these kids are from the inner city. Do I think it’s right? No. But give them a shot when they’ve got it.”

Photo of Marc Ingber

“An 18-year-old kid getting hit by a 300-pound guy could have major repercussions. Giving a few years out of high school allows for physical and mental growth.”


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