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If you could meet one person you think of as an American hero, who would it be?

Asked at Buford M. Watson Jr. Park on April 17, 2004

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Photo of Peggy Quirin

“Mark Twain. He wrote stories that immortalized the beginnings of our American traditions, and he told it like he saw it. He didn’t try to dress it up.”

Photo of Jennie Washburn

“Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She was one of the three main suffragettes. She was married and went to jail. I can’t imagine being that brave.”

Photo of Corrina Beck

“I’m going to go with Toni Morrison because she speaks from a woman’s experience and from an African-American experience in the most articulate way.”

Photo of Gerald Zephiar

“Venida Chenault, she works for Haskell. … She’s working for the people. That’s her ultimate goal. She works for the community and the well-being of her people.”


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