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How have increased portrayals of gay people in the media affect how they are treated in society?

Asked at Free State Brewing Co., 636 Mass on April 12, 2004

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Photo of James Fouche-Schack

“It depends on the type of media. Shows like ‘Will and Grace’ would make people treat them like anyone else, but gay coverage in the news marginalizes them by making them look more radical than they are.”

Photo of Liz Anderson

“I think people are still kind of mean to them.”

Photo of Marc Epard

“I think the more gays are just part of regular shows the more they will be accepted. With the marriage issue, there has been some great coverage of couples who are like anyone else except they are the same sex.”

Photo of Andy Lovan

“Visual media is trying to enhance what they think the gay community is about. That doesn’t impact how they are looked on in society. It depends more on the nature of the city.”


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