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Should Lawrence begin a tradition of having a citywide Fourth of July parade?

Asked at Kentucky Street on April 8, 2004

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Photo of Bill Barker

“If the neighborhood parades have been the tradition, I think we should keep that tradition. Particularly during celebrations, it’s nice to have traditions that pertain to your city.”

Photo of Stacey White

“We have a really wonderful neighborhood parade. Part of me thinks that we have a lot of city parades already and this is a chance for the neighborhood parades to flourish.”

Photo of January Corn

“I think it’d be good to have the annual parade. Maybe they could combine the neighborhood parades into one big one and all the neighborhoods could donate money.”

Photo of Ivan Corel

“I’ve been to the parades down Massachusetts Street, like at Christmas, and everyone seems to enjoy it. It’s a big boost to the businesses down there.”


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