Cooking From Scratch: Popping up for movie night
January 14, 2015
Stovetop popcorn takes about the same amount of time of microwave popcorn and tastes much better. You don’t need any special equipment to make it either.
Kansas City Connection: Start your drooling for Restaurant Week
January 10, 2015
A bit of advice: Don’t look at the website for Kansas City Restaurant Week on an empty stomach.
Art show to celebrate Pachamamas Restaurant and Star Bar
January 10, 2015
This week, an art exhibit featuring works from some of the area’s most prominent artists will be held to celebrate Pachamamas Restaurant and Star Bar.
Borrowed from the kids’ menu: Restaurants offer adult versions of childhood treats
January 8, 2015
You’d be hard pressed to find a kid who doesn’t go crazy for macaroni and cheese or a plate of chicken tenders. But, as those kids grow up, so do their taste buds. But just because we grow up doesn’t mean we have to abandon the culinary treats we enjoyed as kids.
Off the Beaten Plate: Hercules Burger at The Mad Greek
January 8, 2015
If you’ve ever bitten into a hamburger and thought to yourself, “This could really use more meat,” the Mad Greek’s Hercules Burger may be the meal for you.
KU professor questions effort to list monarchs as threatened
January 2, 2015
Some advocates for endangered species cheered the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s announcement this week that it would take steps to protect the monarch butterfly under the Endangered Species Act. But at Kansas University, one of the country’s leading Monarch butterfly scientists and the founder of Monarch Watch was more circumspect about government involvement. By Karen Dillon
Lawrence Libations: Cap’n Frank’s Rum Punch in the Throat at Frank’s North Star Tavern
January 1, 2015
Warmer weather may be months away, but even in these frigid temperatures, bartenders at Frank’s North Star Tavern are serving up a little taste of summer.
Cooking from Scratch: The simply huge German pancake
December 25, 2014
A German pancake is rich, egg-y breakfast concoction that puffs up impressively in the oven and only requires five ingredients to make.
Off the Beaten Plate: Agedashi tofu at Wa Japanese Restaurant
December 25, 2014
Even the most tofu-phobic might appreciate this traditional Japanese dish from Wa. After all, everything is better fried, as they say.
Bite Sighs: Ginger-Cherry Bites with Meringue
December 24, 2014
Hey, remember that jar of molasses that you bought on a whim ages ago? Well, break it out, because I’m using the month of December to indulge my love of gingerbread.
Off the Beaten Plate: Grilled Glazer at Harolds Fried Chicken & Donuts
December 17, 2014
If you catch a glimpse of the Grilled Glazer from far away, it might appear to be a normal chicken sandwich. Upon closer inspection, though, and it’s pretty clear that this is no ordinary meal.
Food stamp dollar-matching program to expand in 2015
December 17, 2014
A pilot program that doubled the spending power of food stamp recipients at Lawrence farmers’ markets had a successful debut and will expand to more markets next year, organizers said Wednesday.
Off the Beaten Plate: Walking Tacos at Henry T’s
December 10, 2014
The “Walking Taco” is all about convenience. Order up a plate of these babies at Henry T’s and forget about the to-go box.
Cooking From Scratch: Grocery store gifts
December 10, 2014
Black Friday, Cyber Monday ― blech! Call me a Grinch if you want, but I hate the mall. I’d much rather do my holiday shopping at the grocery store.
Delicious/Nutritious: Ginger a healthy, tasty treat
December 9, 2014
Ginger is a spicy root that is small but mighty — not just in size but in both flavor and health benefits.