Off the Beaten Plate: Thukpa at Zen Zero
February 20, 2014
In the Himalayan mountains, where most homes don’t have central heat, residents eat a lot of this spicy, satisfying soup to take off winter’s chill.
Five hot drinks for cold days
February 20, 2014
Kansas still has a bit of winter left up its sleeves. For when temperatures inevitably dip back below freezing and you’re looking for ways to warm up, make the rounds in town for a hot glass (or five) of these concoctions.
Free State to celebrate 25th birthday this weekend
February 20, 2014
Festivities include 25 brews free cake, and a Chuck Mead concert at The Bottleneck.
Make your own chocolate-hazelnut spread
February 19, 2014
While it certainly isn’t health food, this chocolate-hazelnut spread is an easy-to-make treat that’s every bit as smooth and addictive as Nutella, but with less oil, sugar and calories.
Off the Beaten Plate: Chili Mac Attack at Bigg’s BBQ
February 13, 2014
What you’re really looking at is a layer of deep fried mac and cheese in a new creation on the menu at Bigg’s BBQ.
Delicious/Nutritious: White chocolate for Valentine’s Day
February 12, 2014
Two sweet treats featuring white chocolate for Valentine’s Day.
Bite Sighs: Cash in on extra-rich brownies
February 12, 2014
Have you ever had one of those uncontrollable chocolate cravings? The kind of wild craving that sends you scrounging through the cabinets, looking for a can of frosting and a spoon? Me, too.
Donations enable dairy to purchase boiler, resume bottling milk
February 11, 2014
Donations from community members enabled Iwig Family Dairy to purchase and install a used boiler, and milk is back on store shelves. By Sara Shepherd
Lawrence Libations: Shiner’s Punch at Famous Dave’s
February 6, 2014
“Get your ‘Shine on” with Famous Dave’s new selection of Moonshine beverages as of last week.
Warm up with homemade chai
February 5, 2014
There are only two ways to get through January and February weather: cozy socks and warm drinks. While I can’t help you with the socks, for warm drinks there’s not much to beat a chai tea.
Iwig suspends bottled milk sales after equipment breakdown
12:00 a.m., February 5, 2014 Updated 11:51 a.m.
Bad news for Iwig Family Dairy fans. The dairy has suspended bottled milk sales because of an equipment breakdown it can’t afford to fix right away. By Sara Shepherd
Lawrence grocers move toward more sustainable seafood offerings
February 3, 2014
Starting today, Lawrence Hy-Vee customers will start seeing sustainable seafood offerings with signage marking them as a “responsible choice.” The move is one of the latest by grocery stores to increase the amount of so-called “sustainable” seafood they offer, and to make it easier for shoppers to see which products meet that criteria. By Sara Shepherd
Off the Beaten Plate: Honey Fried Bananas at Little Saigon Cafe
January 30, 2014
It’s almost like they’ve disguised the banana by turning it into a fritter dessert with a delicious candy-like coating.
Lawrence Arts Center hosting annual Souper Bowl
January 30, 2014
Get your homemade artisanal bowls, soup included.
Swedish meatballs make for perfect Super Bowl snack
January 29, 2014
I think sports-watching food is best when it’s bite-sized and will keep well if the game gets exciting and everyone forgets it for awhile. My grandmother’s Swedish meatballs meet both criteria.