Garden Variety: Feeding birds in winter
December 25, 2014
Birds fend for themselves very well, but providing a little extra food for them in the winter can be an entertaining hobby for nature and bird enthusiasts.
Fix-It Chick: How to choose the best space heater for your needs
December 25, 2014
Electric space heaters come in lots of shapes and sizes, but they all use the same amount of power to produce a similar amount of heat. What differentiates one heater from another is how it delivers the heat. Follow these steps to choose the best heater for the job at hand.
Fashion Column Twins: With New Year’s Eve dresses, go big or stay home
December 25, 2014
We searched high and low and found some great options for New Year’s Eve looks.
Cooking from Scratch: The simply huge German pancake
December 25, 2014
A German pancake is rich, egg-y breakfast concoction that puffs up impressively in the oven and only requires five ingredients to make.
Megan on the Move: Making an effort for me-time
December 25, 2014
I’ve been trying hard lately to make room for myself. I know that’s a common theme among adults, especially those with children, but it becomes increasingly difficult with careers and schedules and homes and the trappings of being a grown-up.
Home Style: The buzz about beeswax candles
December 25, 2014
Although electricity has made light easily accessible year-round, the soft glow of candlelight is something that many continue to seek during the short days of winter.
Style Scout: Mike and Blair Blakeman
December 25, 2014
Describe Blair’s style: It’s power clashing.
Style Scout: Stacey Blakeman
December 25, 2014
Describe your style: Well, now it’s mom chic!
Off the Beaten Plate: Agedashi tofu at Wa Japanese Restaurant
December 25, 2014
Even the most tofu-phobic might appreciate this traditional Japanese dish from Wa. After all, everything is better fried, as they say.
Bite Sighs: Ginger-Cherry Bites with Meringue
December 24, 2014
Hey, remember that jar of molasses that you bought on a whim ages ago? Well, break it out, because I’m using the month of December to indulge my love of gingerbread.
Double Take: Decide whether consenting to using location app is in your best interest
December 22, 2014
Feel free to accept your boyfriend’s invitation to join Find My Friends, if you think it meets a need for him and doesn’t bother you. Or, feel free to decline if it makes you uncomfortable. Your guy will have to decide what he wants to do in response.
Kansas City Connection: Dining delights in the West Bottoms
December 20, 2014
This week: fancy eats in the West Bottoms, intriguing plays at the Unicorn and your last chance to check out Christmas lights.
Crafting gifts: 4 easy present ideas to make yourself
December 17, 2014
The warmth of a handmade gift goes a long way toward cutting through December’s chill. But what if you’re not particularly crafty or can’t spend a fortune on supplies? Can you still give handmade gifts that your family and friends will treasure?
Off the Beaten Plate: Grilled Glazer at Harolds Fried Chicken & Donuts
December 17, 2014
If you catch a glimpse of the Grilled Glazer from far away, it might appear to be a normal chicken sandwich. Upon closer inspection, though, and it’s pretty clear that this is no ordinary meal.
Family Adventures: Give the gift of cookies every month
December 17, 2014
What to get our grandmothers for Christmas — it’s always a struggle. A few years ago, I hit on a good solution.
On the Cheap: Stuff stockings without unstuffing your wallet
December 17, 2014
With Christmas fast-approaching, your stockings are likely already hung by the chimney with care. Here are some tips to help stuff those stockings on any budget.
Style Scout: Courtney Crouch
December 17, 2014
Tell us a secret: I don’t like bacon.
Style Scout: Kyle Meyers
December 17, 2014
What would you like to see more of in Lawrence? I’d like to see at least one higher-end men’s shop in Lawrence and more jazz music.
Fashion Column Twins: Bundle up with a vest or sweater
December 17, 2014
Winter is upon us, and bundling up is always on my mind. Two pieces to help you layer up and be comfortable are a faux fur vest and turtleneck sweater.
Garden Variety: Bonsai basics
December 17, 2014
Culturing bonsai takes more than a green thumb: The ancient art requires patience, skill and a keen recognition of nature. Bonsai is worth a try (or several), though, as a properly tended specimen will provide its owner with beauty for a hundred years or more.