Fix-It Chick: Replace a wood burning stove gasket
January 11, 2015
Wood-burning stoves require a tight seal around their door for optimal efficiency. Replacing a worn-out fiberglass gasket is an important part of stove maintenance.
Kansas City Connection: Start your drooling for Restaurant Week
January 10, 2015
A bit of advice: Don’t look at the website for Kansas City Restaurant Week on an empty stomach.
Garden Variety: Witch hazel adds color to your winter garden
12:00 a.m., January 10, 2015 Updated 09:53 p.m.
Gardeners often talk of season-long color and interest in their gardens, but many feel limited with ornamental grasses, colorful fruits, and decorative bark as the only options for sprucing up the landscape in winter.
Style Scout: Graham Verne Stevenson
January 8, 2015
Fashion influences: I hate to say this — it was probably “Doctor Who” to be honest (The Seventh Doctor). Then it just kinda bloomed after that…
Style Scout: Beth Cunigan
January 8, 2015
Describe your style: Casual, whatever is comfortable and that’s swell — I’ll pretty much put that on my body.
Off the Beaten Plate: Hercules Burger at The Mad Greek
January 8, 2015
If you’ve ever bitten into a hamburger and thought to yourself, “This could really use more meat,” the Mad Greek’s Hercules Burger may be the meal for you.
Double Take: Students’ sleep suffers with early schedules
January 6, 2015
Every January marks “Back-to-School: The Sequel” for students all over America. In honor of this annual holiday rebound, Kyra and I will be doing four columns on school-related topics this January. Three of them are about things we’d like to see schools do differently, not just our schools but all schools. This week, it’s teen sleep — or, more correctly, what most American schools do to make it worse.
Lawrence woman spends weeks, $2,000 to find lost cat
05:08 p.m., January 5, 2015 Updated 09:29 p.m.
For 57 long, cold days, 4-year-old Lawrence calico cat Tonks Kitty went on an adventure — and she’s not telling where she went. To get her back, Tonks Kitty’s owner, Kansas University graduate student Alexis Catanzarite, had quite the adventure herself, shelling out about $2,000 on tools and tricks to find her beloved companion. Catanzarite has one message for owners of lost animals: Don’t give up.
Fix-It Chick: Replacing firebricks
January 4, 2015
Replacing broken or missing firebricks ensures the safe operation and prolonged life of a stove or fireplace.
Kansas City Connection: Resolving to have a happy new year
January 3, 2015
A positively framed list of New Year’s resolutions that will help you gain in fun, healthy and culturally enriching experiences
Behind the Lens: Bring old photos into the digital age
January 3, 2015
Have old photographs you’re looking to bring into the digital age? Here’s how to do it yourself.
Garden Variety: Resolutions for gardeners
January 2, 2015
The arrival of a new year for many people means making goals for personal and professional improvement. For gardeners, here are a few ideas for the resolution list.
KU professor questions effort to list monarchs as threatened
January 2, 2015
Some advocates for endangered species cheered the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s announcement this week that it would take steps to protect the monarch butterfly under the Endangered Species Act. But at Kansas University, one of the country’s leading Monarch butterfly scientists and the founder of Monarch Watch was more circumspect about government involvement. By Karen Dillon
Lawrence Libations: Cap’n Frank’s Rum Punch in the Throat at Frank’s North Star Tavern
January 1, 2015
Warmer weather may be months away, but even in these frigid temperatures, bartenders at Frank’s North Star Tavern are serving up a little taste of summer.
Style Scout: Cameron DuPratte
January 1, 2015
Describe your style: It’s kind of a fusion between urban hipster and probably lumbersexual.
Style Scout: Ashlyn Evans
January 1, 2015
Fashion trends you love: I really like the monochromatic trend. It’s usually all black, which sounds kind of gothic. But, I think it can also look kind of classy at the same time. I think black is really timeless.
Double Take: Resolutions require dedication, purpose
December 30, 2014
It’s time for the annual Double Take resolution tradition. Unfortunately, we’re up against some stiff opposition. According to research from early 2014, only 8 percent of people actually meet their New Year’s resolutions.
Kansas City Connection: In the mood to celebrate New Year’s
December 27, 2014
Kansas City Connection’s New Year’s Eve guide will help you pick from some of the city’s best options, conveniently categorized by what you’re in the mood for. We’ve included a few daytime/family-friendly options as well.
Lawrence retailers report brisk day-after Christmas business
December 26, 2014
Big-box retailers and downtown merchants said they were seeing strong sales Friday as shoppers came in to redeem gift cards and hunt for after-Christmas bargains. By Peter Hancock
Garden Variety: Feeding birds in winter
December 25, 2014
Birds fend for themselves very well, but providing a little extra food for them in the winter can be an entertaining hobby for nature and bird enthusiasts.