Garden Variety: Grow your own pineapple
February 13, 2015
If you are ready for a fun winter gardening project, try growing your own pineapple plant. The process to get one started is simple, and the bragging rights over the homegrown fruit are priceless.
Off the Beaten Plate: Bún at Little Saigon Cafe
February 12, 2015
Don’t let the name fool you — this dish doesn’t involve any bread.
Style Scout: Joshua Rosenblatt
February 12, 2015
Fashion trends you love: Mixing athletic wear/sporty look with a vintage look. I’m also trying to grow out the man-bun: long hair! That’s a trend I like.
Style Scout: Jennifer Scott
February 12, 2015
Tattoos or piercings: Several tattoos. My favorite says, “Though she be but little, she is fierce,” which is written in script is for inspiration.
Cooking from Scratch: Shortbread cookies for your sweetie
February 11, 2015
These chocolate-dipped orange shortbread cookies when tucked into a book bag or left on the counter for a late-night snack were a sweet way for my husband and I to say, “I’m thinking of you” without spending the rent money.
Delicious/Nutritious: Coconut is nature’s candy
February 11, 2015
Slightly sweet with a definitely distinctive flavor, coconut has one of those “love it or hate” it tastes. If you’re one who loves it, there are many ways for you to enjoy the rich, pleasing taste — coconut milk, water, oil, manna, flour, flakes, shreds, sweetened tendrils and palm sugar.
Daddy Rules: Discovering new species is part of the parenthood expedition
February 10, 2015
Nessie, Bigfoot, Chupacrabra, even the elusive Kansas jackalope — I’ve hunted them all, but I was unprepared for the mysterious flora and fauna of fatherhood. Like Lewis and Clark, who set forth into the American wilderness expecting to find wooly mammoths and a mountain made of salt, I keep a sketchbook of my discoveries.
Double Take: Tough to talk to parents about teen’s sexuality
February 10, 2015
Dr. Wes and Kyra begin an eight-week series on teens and sexuality with a reader’s question on what to do now that her parents have learned she is sexually active.
Lawrence religious organizations joining to ‘go upstream’
February 8, 2015
The Rev. Verdell Taylor explains the difference between mercy and justice with a fable. In it, a man goes to the river every day and rescues a baby who has drifted downstream in a basket, said Taylor, of St. Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church. Taylor calls that an act of mercy. Justice would involve going up river to determine the cause and fixing the problem. By Caitlin Doornbos
Fix-It Chick: Choose the right caulk gun in 7 steps
09:57 p.m., February 8, 2015 Updated 07:55 p.m.
With so many choices available today, choosing the right caulk gun can be almost as difficult as choosing the right caulk. Here are a few things to look for when purchasing a caulk gun.
Kansas City Connection: Chock full of chocolates
February 8, 2015
There are few things in this world as well-received as the gift of chocolate. And whether it’s a Valentine’s Day present, something to butter up your co-workers, or just a treat for yourself, quality matters.
Garden Variety: Kaw Valley Seed Fair offers chance to grow planting options
10:59 p.m., February 6, 2015 Updated 10:58 p.m.
Before catalogs and garden centers put hundreds of choices at gardeners’ and farmers’ fingertips, seeds were saved back each year to produce the following year’s crop. But if you only grew a few species, how could you add diversity to your garden or crops? Perhaps the easiest way was to trade with a friend or neighbor.
Lawrence Libations: Bleeding Kansas at Five Bar & Tables
February 5, 2015
With Kansas celebrating its 154th birthday last week, it only seemed appropriate to follow up that momentous occasion with a Kansas-centric martini for this month’s Lawrence Libations.
Style Scout: Jenna Salmons
February 5, 2015
Fashion trends you love: I love the idea of mixing contrasting elements, like a feminine skirt with a men’s shirt.
Style Scout: Felix Rodriguez
February 5, 2015
Tell us a secret: I have a bit of hoarders anxiety. Clutter makes me panic!
Cooking from Scratch: Pasta e Fagioli
February 4, 2015
One of my favorite uses for from-scratch beans is the traditional Italian Pasta e Fagioli, or “pasta and beans.”
Double Take: Students have the power to influence those in charge
February 3, 2015
In the last of their series on changes in schools, Dr. Wes advises teens now might be the time to consider the vital resource we have in our schools and where we’d be without them. Kyra warns that it is essential to advocate for change where those in charge can actually find your message. Cast your ballot. Protest in public. Then you can head to Twitter.
Fix-It Chick: 10 versatile uses for beeswax
February 1, 2015
When bees eat honey, they make beeswax. Beeswax is safe to eat, will not spoil and is arguably one of the most versatile home improvement products nature provides. Here are a few ways to “fix it” with beeswax.
Winter storm leads to flight delays in Kansas, Missouri
February 1, 2015
Several dozen flights have been canceled or delayed at the largest airports in Kansas and Missouri as a winter storm blankets a large swath of the country’s midsection.
Behind the Lens: Pooling with the president
February 1, 2015
When Journal-World photo chief Mike Yoder told me that we had been offered a position in President Barack Obama’s press pool during his Jan. 22 visit to Lawrence, I believe I channeled Keanu Reeves when I responded, “Whooooooooaaaaa.”