Delicious/Nutritious: Savoring apple cider
October 8, 2014
Apple juice’s spicy cousin, this seasonal favorite is now available year-round thanks to its popularity. While it’s wonderful alone either hot or cold, cider is also a pleasant addition to both sweet and savory dishes, where it can impart an unmistakable hint of autumn.
Behind the Lens: In pursuit of pelicans
October 4, 2014
When presented with a photographic subject, two of the most important decisions for photographers are where to position themselves and their camera and when to press the shutter.
Kansas City Connection: Frisbee golf, gyros and German beer
October 4, 2014
When it comes to utilizing our city’s parks, few activities beat disc golf.
IRS phone scammers continue ‘threatening’ calls
October 3, 2014
The woman on the line told Juin Thomas she was from the IRS, that Thomas owed back taxes and that if she didn’t pay immediately the police would come to her door. “It sounded so legit,” said Thomas, a Lawrence retiree who got the call this week. “It took me a little while to figure out it was a scam.” Despite media attention and IRS warnings about such scams in recent months, officials say similar calls keep rolling in to households nationwide. By Sara Shepherd
Lawrence gets inch and three-quarters of rain Thursday
October 2, 2014
The Lawrence area received about an inch and three-quarters of rain Thursday, somewhat complicating matters for farmers but keeping pace with average yearly rain totals.
On the Cheap: Cut-rate costumes
October 1, 2014
October has arrived, and Halloween season has arrived with it. I’m not a fan of haunted houses and scary movies, but it’s hard to not love a holiday based around costumes and candy. Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be pricey, but fear not — I have some tips to help you do Halloween costume shopping on the cheap.
Lawrence Libations: Sake flights at Ramen Bowls
October 1, 2014
For those looking to dip their toes into the waters of sake, try one of Ramen Bowls’ sake flights, a sampling of five varieties served in shot glasses nestled inside a wooden tray.
Fashion Column Twins: How to wear floral prints this fall
October 1, 2014
There are so many great trends to wear this season, but one of our favorites that has become quite popular is the fall floral trend.
Family Adventures: Down on the farm
October 1, 2014
A good food educational opportunity for kids will be this weekend’s Kaw Valley Farm Tour,
Fix-It Chick: Repair a yard hydrant
October 1, 2014
A frost-proof yard hydrant is the modern version of an outdoor pitcher pump. These bright colored water spigots are common on farms and large city lots.
Style Scout: Kristie Bowen
October 1, 2014
Tell us a secret: I can hold a Skittle in my dimples!
Style Scout: Kareem Wall
October 1, 2014
Fashion trends you hate: I guess I can’t stand jean shorts. Personally, I just like to keep it classy. I like dress pants, dress shirts and a tie so I can call it a day.
Garden Variety: Bringing the garden indoors
October 1, 2014
As the days grow shorter and the nights grow cooler, I am reminded that soon the only gardening I will be doing will involve the array of tropical plants that brighten the inside of my home.
Don’t fall forward: Maintain your hearing to reduce the risk of falls
September 29, 2014
The beauty of fall is upon us but there is another kind of fall that isn’t so pleasant. And with that, it’s important that we take time to help our loved ones and people of all ages learn ways to reduce the risk of falling.
Kansas City Connection: Barbecue that’s out of this world
September 27, 2014
In case you haven’t heard, the World Series is coming to Kansas City next weekend. No, I’m not talking about Royals baseball. I’m talking about the World Series of Barbecue, the American Royal-hosted event that features a whopping 550 teams and a $50,000 prize.
Home Style: Be my guest
September 24, 2014
Opening your home to visiting family and friends is a hospitable gesture that saves your guests the expense of staying at a hotel. But ensuring the space you provide guests is welcoming, comfortable and convenient takes forethought and little bit of effort.
Off the Beaten Plate: Hash Brown Omelet at Haskell Avenue Cafe
September 24, 2014
An omelet in name and shape only — there’s no eggs, only hash browns.
Garden mixology: Incorporate fresh flavors into your drinks
September 24, 2014
Skip the morning orange juice for a specialty creation of your own using fruits, vegetables and herbs. Tweak some classic cocktails with seasonal fare straight from the garden. Make your own juices, mocktails and cocktails with some help from a local juicer and local bartenders who serve garden drinks at their own businesses.
Style Scout: Charles Rice-Davis
September 24, 2014
Fashion trends you hate: I don’t always like the super-slim-fit cut suits. Sometimes you have grown men looking like little kids in them.
Style Scout: Jess Harman
September 24, 2014
Tattoos or piercings: I have a tattoo of a woman’s head who I have named Lady Jane.