Don’t fall forward: Maintain your hearing to reduce the risk of falls
September 29, 2014
The beauty of fall is upon us but there is another kind of fall that isn’t so pleasant. And with that, it’s important that we take time to help our loved ones and people of all ages learn ways to reduce the risk of falling.
Kansas City Connection: Barbecue that’s out of this world
September 27, 2014
In case you haven’t heard, the World Series is coming to Kansas City next weekend. No, I’m not talking about Royals baseball. I’m talking about the World Series of Barbecue, the American Royal-hosted event that features a whopping 550 teams and a $50,000 prize.
Home Style: Be my guest
September 24, 2014
Opening your home to visiting family and friends is a hospitable gesture that saves your guests the expense of staying at a hotel. But ensuring the space you provide guests is welcoming, comfortable and convenient takes forethought and little bit of effort.
Off the Beaten Plate: Hash Brown Omelet at Haskell Avenue Cafe
September 24, 2014
An omelet in name and shape only — there’s no eggs, only hash browns.
Garden mixology: Incorporate fresh flavors into your drinks
September 24, 2014
Skip the morning orange juice for a specialty creation of your own using fruits, vegetables and herbs. Tweak some classic cocktails with seasonal fare straight from the garden. Make your own juices, mocktails and cocktails with some help from a local juicer and local bartenders who serve garden drinks at their own businesses.
Style Scout: Charles Rice-Davis
September 24, 2014
Fashion trends you hate: I don’t always like the super-slim-fit cut suits. Sometimes you have grown men looking like little kids in them.
Style Scout: Jess Harman
September 24, 2014
Tattoos or piercings: I have a tattoo of a woman’s head who I have named Lady Jane.
Cooking from Scratch: Risotto not as hard to make as you think
September 24, 2014
Risotto is my therapy, the ultimate antidote to a bad day at the office.
Fix-It Chick: 10 projects to get your home ready for fall
September 24, 2014
Fall is the perfect time to check off several items on your home maintenance list.
Garden Variety: Upcoming Farm Tour highlights local agriculture
September 24, 2014
Even the most dedicated gardeners need a break from the garden once in awhile, and the upcoming Kaw Valley Farm Tour offers the perfect opportunity to see what else is growing in the area.
Megan on the Move: It only takes five minutes
September 24, 2014
I have a tendency to say “yes” to projects, parties, events, endeavors, jobs and crackpot ideas.
Fashion Column Twins: A lesson in colorful socks
September 24, 2014
As the weather gets cooler outside, that means one thing: time to layer up and accessorize with pieces such as hats, jackets and socks. That’s right — socks.
At new Ladybird Diner, nostalgia sells like hotcakes
Handmade pies, soda-fountain drinks and hot sandwiches among restaurant’s specialties
September 24, 2014
It’s mid-afternoon on a Tuesday, and Meg Heriford is dealing with a “pie emergency.” She’s in the center of the prep kitchen at her fledgling restaurant — surrounded by pies in various stages of progress, cocktail apron caked in flour — rolling out discs of dough, hand-crimping crusts and popping one tin after another into the oven. Ladybird Diner nearly sold out of pie over breakfast and lunch, and if she doesn’t come up with more pronto she’s going to have an upset dinner crowd on her hands.
Bite Sighs: Apple walnut tart
September 23, 2014
Whether your day was stellar or in the cellar, there’s nothing like a treat after a hard day at school or work. Now that September is upon us, a lot of those treats might be apple-based. Throw in a little cream cheese and a lot of butter, and your apples will put a whole new spin on “wow.”
Organizers say Lawrence Restaurant Week will return for a second year
September 22, 2014
The first Lawrence Restaurant Week went well enough that organizers say they “definitely” want to repeat it next year. By Sara Shepherd
For Jewish KU students, local Rosh Hashana celebrations make Lawrence feel like home
September 21, 2014
KU’s roughly 2,000 Jewish students, as well as as the Jewish community in Lawrence as a whole, will have plenty of opportunities to celebrate Rosh Hashana later this week. KU Chabad, KU Hillel and the Lawrence Jewish Community Congregation are all having activities to kick off the Jewish new year, which is Thursday. By Giles Bruce
Lawrence Justice Ministry to begin citywide listening process Monday
September 21, 2014
The Lawrence Justice Ministry will kick off a six-month listening process Monday that will consist of small-group meetings in people’s homes, as well of canvassing of neighborhoods, to pinpoint which social-justice issues the group should work to solve. The ministry hopes to hear from at least 1,500 residents. By Giles Bruce
Kansas City Connection: Plains Indians come to the Nelson, and get your fill of apple cider
September 21, 2014
If you’re driving around the Plaza or the Volker neighborhoods of Kansas City and see several giant teepees, don’t worry — you’re not hallucinating. The temporary teepees are in place to promote Nelson-Atkins Museum’s newly opened exhibit, “Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky,” which runs through Jan. 11, 2015.
Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary
September 17, 2014
It’s important to have a personal space to unwind that’s away from the rest of the world. That place should be your bedroom, said Dana Niemack, a feng shui interior designer.
Off the Beaten Plate: Woo Burger at West Coast Saloon
September 17, 2014
Lawrencians have loved the Woo Burger since West Coast started serving it in the late 1980s.