First Bell

Notes and updates about schools in Douglas County.

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First Bell: Blog changes; Facility evaluations online; More pertussis cases reported; Fall break
November 20, 2012
News and notes from schools in and around the Lawrence area.
First Bell: Bond plans for Career and Tech Ed enhancements being formed
November 19, 2012
Lawrence schools have had difficulty in the past linking up with technical and vocational schools, but that may soon change.
First Bell: Appeals court upholds ban on teacher-student relations; Debate about cut scores; Science education in Lawrence
November 16, 2012
Additional news from this month’s Kansas State Board of Education meeting.
First Bell: Lawrence schools honor parents and volunteers
November 15, 2012
Community partners in each of Lawrence’s schools were recognized Wednesday for their contributions to local education.
First Bell: Recognizing volunteers; Science Fair; pre-bond input sessions
November 14, 2012
News and notes about schools in and around Douglas County.
First Bell: Lawrence schools seeking diversity in faculty recruiting
November 13, 2012
District to begin recruiting new teachers from historically black colleges and universities to improve faculty diversity.
First Bell: Lawrence district to conduct telephone survey
November 12, 2012
District seeking input on bond issue, facility planning and other issues.
First Bell: American Education Week; Pinckney Book Fair; Classes out for PreK-5
November 9, 2012
Tradition of honoring public schools dates back to World War I.
First Bell: Reflections on election night
November 8, 2012
Question: How do you spend $20 billion on an election and still not change much of anything?
First Bell: Five questions to ask about today’s elections
November 6, 2012
Today’s election is a valuable opportunity for teaching and learning about almost any subject.
First Bell: A peek into next year’s legislative agenda for education
November 5, 2012
School finance, charter schools, discipline policies, achievement gaps and more are on the agenda for the next Legislative Educational Planning Committee.
First Bell: Pre-weekend updates on school schedules, football playoffs and pre-bond meetings
November 2, 2012
Elementary schools in Lawrence are out Friday; high school football playoffs are on; and district officials have more pre-bond public input sessions lined up next week.
First Bell: Some notes about enrollment figures
November 1, 2012
Enrollment figures are harder to track than one might think.
First Bell: Campbell shows commanding lead in fundraising
October 31, 2012
State Board of Education member Carolyn Campbell raised more than $13,000 in the latest reporting period while her challenger Jack Wu has relied exclusively on free publicity.
First Bell: School finance lawsuit decision looms
October 30, 2012
A decision in the school finance lawsuit is expected soon.