Letter to the editor: Thankful for Headquarters

To the editor:

I am so thankful for the support I have received over the years from calling Headquarters Counseling Center in Lawrence. Mental illness is something not talked about a lot, and for me to actually admit that I have a mental illness and to accept that I struggle and need help often has been a challenge.

The volunteers at HQC surely understand how hard it is to accept support sometimes. They are kind and always listen with care and compassion. Sometimes in life we need someone who is not someone in our family to talk to and share our struggles with, and those at Headquarters know that. They realize that sometimes talking about something in our life that is a burden and a challenge can be very beneficial.

I also am a speaker at the annual Crisis Intervention Team training in Topeka, and a couple of years ago I had the opportunity to hear some of Dr. Stephanie Davis’ talk about mental health issues in Kansas. I learned so much, and her speech really got me thinking about how I needed to be honest about my illness in order to reach out to others. The good folks at Headquarters have really helped me to accept my struggles with my illness so that I can reach out to others. Thank you, Headquarters!