Letter to the editor: Punish Kobach

To the editor:

It’s amazing to me that Kris Kobach believes he can violate the rules of discovery in a lawsuit by not providing all of the evidence that he wants to produce at trial to his adversary, the ACLU. His ever-increasing number of “illegals” voting starkly reminds me of the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” where Sen. Iselin constantly changes the number of “communists” that are in the U.S. Senate. He finally turns to his wire and asks, “Can we please settle on one number for how many ‘communists’ are in the Senate?” Kris Kobach should be held in contempt of court for his tactics. Further, he should lose his law license just as his pal (and former Kansas Attorney General) Phill Kline did for much the same reason.