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Statue of abolitionist John Brown vandalized with swastika, racial slur

March 19, 2018


KANSAS CITY, Kan — A statue of fiery abolitionist John Brown has been vandalized in Kansas City, Kan.

Police spokesman Thomas Tomasic says officers were dispatched Sunday afternoon to the memorial to Brown, who made a name for himself in the Kansas Territory before leading a failed slave revolt at Harpers Ferry. The Kansas City Star reports that the statue was defaced with a swastika and racial slur.

The statue was dedicated in 1911 and is located near the Quindaro Townsite ruins. The community of Quindaro was a free-state port for abolitionists and a safe haven for those escaping slavery. It was also home to Western University, the first African-American university west of the Mississippi River, until the school closed in the 1940s.


Bob Smith 1 month ago

".... who made a name for himself in the Kansas Territory..." That name would be bloody-handed terrorist.

Kerry Altenbernd 1 month ago

As I have posted on other occasions, there is an almost total lack of knowledge in the average person about who John Brown was, what he believed, and what he did. Instead of going by the anti-Brown propaganda that was written about him by people who blamed him for destroying their slave society, actually look into his life. Read a modern book or two about him, ones without an ax to grind, with an open mind and then make up your mind about him. Also, check out what really happened during "Bleeding Kansas", again there is an almost total lack of understanding of what happened here. If one doesn't do these things then one really has no business making baseless comments about John Brown.

Sharilyn Wells 1 month ago

What about the people that were terrorizing millions of people of color.

Bob Smith 1 month ago

There were terrorists on both side of the Bleeding Kansas business. JB happened to be the subject of this news story.

Kerry Altenbernd 1 month ago

No matter how hard some might want to separate the issue of the legally enforced bondage of 4 million black people in the antebellum nation for no other reason than the color of their skin from discussing John Brown, you cannot do so. He saw 4 million of his black brothers and sisters, and he literally believed that all men and women were brother and sister under god, in that bondage and could not rest until it was ended. Every action in his life had that as its motivation. He was steadfast in his devotion to that cause, and he paid the price for opposing the slave power system in America. Lincoln may get the credit, but no person had more to do with ending legalized slavery in America than John Brown. No one.

Bob Smith 1 month ago

The people he murdered might feel differently, but we'll never know because they're dead. JB wound up dancing on the end of a rope after trying to incite a revolution.

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