Latest Douglas County court filings for March 19, 2018

photo by: Joe Preiner

The Douglas County Courthouse.


Ryan Jared Isaacson, 35, Lawrence, and Jessica Elizabeth Engle, 34, Lawrence.

Devon G. Graf, 32, Meridan, Idaho, and Christina Marie Simmers, 35, Lawrence.

Adam W. Elwell, 43, Lawrence, and Christina M. Church, 43, Lawrence.

Tanner E. Fry, 26, Lawrence, and Heqing Yan, 26, Lawrence.

Minxing Huang, 26, Lawrence, and Qiying Ye, 26, Lawrence.

Bryan Kennedy, 29, Garnett, and Brandy Davis, 28, Lawrence.

Jason Jury, 44, Lawrence, and Amy Lynn Martin, 40, Lawrence.

Kyle William Berry, 29, Lawrence, and Jennifer Quevedo, 28, Lawrence.


Jessica Rice, 31, Kansas City, Mo., and Jesse Rice, 31, Lawrence.

Mark D. Lumpe, 60, Lawrence, and Julie E. Waters, 57, Lawrence.


Thomas J. Lubaczewski Jr., 1517B Legend Trail Drive, Lawrence, and Tracy Nicole Lubaczewski, 1603 W. 2nd Terrace, Apt. B, Lawrence.

Rebecca Leigh Bost, 2613 Harper St., Lawrence.

Kara Lynn Jacobs, 1226 Blue Stem Drive, Eudora.

Penny La’Net Johnson, 100 Silver Leaf Lane, Baldwin City.

Toni Renee Martin, 2737 Maverick Lane, Lawrence.

Gary Lee Gass, 5000 Clinton Parkway, Apt. 713, Lawrence.

Talyn Helman, 536 North 851 Diagonal Road, Lawrence.

Sean Stubbs, 1407 W. 7th St., Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

March 29

James Middleton, 2024 Barker Court, Lawrence. Judgment: $98,387.

April 5, 2018

Carl Masters, 937 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence. Judgment: $118,464.

Cheryl Glover, 1244 East 1169 Road, Lawrence. Judgment: $109,365.