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Student arrested in connection with reported school shooting threat at Liberty Memorial Central Middle School

March 17, 2018


A student at Liberty Memorial Central Middle School has been arrested on suspicion of making a criminal threat following an incident at the school, a spokesman for the Lawrence Police Department said.

Sgt. David Hogue said the student, about whom no other details were provided, was arrested Thursday.

Liberty Memorial Central Middle School called police Thursday night after receiving a report from a staff member who overheard a student make a verbal threat about a school shooting, according to a news release Friday afternoon from the Lawrence school district.

The school also notified the student’s parent/guardian, the news release said, and "initiated disciplinary action in accordance with Board Policy." The district did not specify whether that discipline includes suspension from school.

Julie Boyle, the spokeswoman for the district, provided no other detail about the alleged threat.


Bob Smith 1 month ago

It's a good thing that Liberty Memorial isn't in Broward County, otherwise the miscreant would have been ignored.

Bob Summers 1 month ago


Obama and Holder's Promise program paid school district not to report bad behavior.

An Obama era program that would gvie money to school for arrest that are NOT made

Gives the power to the school to determine punishment for misdemeanor crimes commited on campus

Obama's DOJ to give grant money for police to look the other way.

supposed to lower the percentage of "school to prison pipeline" originally based on complaints of too many minorities being arrested over non-minorities

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