Latest Douglas County court filings for March 5, 2018

The Douglas County Courthouse.


Sutton Alexander Stegman, 30, Lawrence, and Maria F. Martinez Buenrostro, 22, Lawrence.

Christopher Eugene Wallace, 56, Lawrence, and Karen L. Bentemann, 60, Lawrence.

Gary Myer, 75, Lawrence, and Cindy Talbert, 60, Lawrence.

Darin Wyatt Mcqueen, 20, Hutchinson, and Siynatee Mcgraw, 20, Lawrence.

Merlin Wayne Hollis Jr., 31, Salina, and Ashley Day Barnes, 35, Lawrence.

Thomas Flaherty, 27, Leavenworth, and Tiffany Knoche, 29, Leavenworth.

Robert Broderick Robinson, 22, Lawrence, and Leah Marit Stafford, 21, Lawrence.


Riziki Sheikhe Yussuf, 49, Lawrence, and Abdulla Jae Ibrahim, Lawrence.

Jacob W. Ekstrom, 34, Baldwin City, and Kate Ekstrom, 35, Lawrence.

Gisele Da Silva, 25, Olathe, and Jose Lopez, 25, Lawrence.

John Waring, 57, Lawrence, and Amy Martin, 40, Lawrence.

Patrick Nourse, 45, Lawrence, and Christina Nourse, 43, Perry.


Viola Marie Stevens, 1415 E. 18th Terrace, Lawrence.

Christopher Nathan Shaw and Bridget Lynnette Shaw, 660 Gateway Court, Apt. A3, Lawrence.

Britian Darelle Kennington, 2612 Redbud Lane, Apt. B, Lawrence.

Johnathon Wayne Owen Lawson and Kayla Renee Lawson, 3243 Glacier Drive, Lawrence.

Magdalene Ann Escalanti, 2429 Redbud Lane, Apt. D, Lawrence.

Sandra Jean Fisher, 615 Flame Way, Baldwin City.

Jay Alan Nemnich, 461 Hutton Circle, Lawrence.

Jessica Tess Cheek, 2705 Harrison Place, Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

No new foreclosures in Douglas County.