Fix-It Chick: Install wall-mounted television for style, convenience

Mounting a flat-screen television on a wall is a great way to add style and convenience to any room.

Step 1: Choose a mounting bracket that best suits the needs of the television and the room. Adjustable brackets allow the screen to be moved to avoid sunlight glare throughout the day. Telescoping brackets allow easy access to jacks and plugs behind the television. Make sure the bracket is strong enough to hold the weight of the television.

Step 2: Use a cardboard cutout the size of the television to determine the optimal mounting position for the screen. Mark the area clearly with a pencil or blue painters tape.

Step 3: Use a stud finder to locate studs for mounting the wall bracket. Try to get at least two of the mounting screws into a stud. Use Toggler brand Snaptoggle anchors for mounting screws that are not going into a stud. One Snaptoggle anchor can hold up to 256 pounds in 1/2″ drywall.

Step 4: Mark the mounting bracket screw locations on the wall and predrill appropriately sized holes for each screw.

Step 5: Install Snaptoggle anchors where necessary. Attach the mounting bracket to the wall. Use a level to assure the bracket is aligned properly before tightening the screws completely.

Step 6: Attach remaining brackets to the back of the television screen.

Step 7: Hang the television screen into place and attach any security hardware included with the bracket.

Step 8: Attach the power cords and other cables to the television.

Step 9: Attach the back portion of a wall mount cord channel to the wall. Run the cables down the front of the channel and snap the front portion of the channel into place to hide the cables.

Step 10: Plug the cords into the components and wall outlet and test the television to make sure everything is working properly.

Step 11: For more permanent installations, consider installing a recessed television electrical box behind the television before installing the mounting bracket.

Step 12: If wiring a recessed electrical box is not an option, consider purchasing a wall grommet kit to facilitate running television cables behind the wall without any special wiring. Some wall grommet kits made specifically for televisions come with a hand drill and fish tape to make installation a breeze. Purchase cables that are rated for behind-the-wall installation to avoid potential hazards.

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