Latest Douglas County court filings for Jan. 29, 2018

The Douglas County Courthouse.


David Crellin Leek, 58, Prairie Village, and Nina Renee Murray, 50, Prairie Village.

Bradley E. Kessell, 34, Lawrence, and Maria Gonzalez, 34, Lawrence.

Jade Ambrosia Reynolds, 28, Lawrence, and Derrick Priest, 46, Lawrence.

Caitlin Clark Bubna, 30, Lawrence, and Nicholas Ryan Vansant, 33, Olathe.


Cristina Gunn, 36, Lawrence, and John LaMonica, 38, Lawrence.


Darryl Williams, 2301 W. 26th Street, Apt. B-104, Lawrence.

Stacey Marie Kehoe and Vernon Charles Kehoe, Jr., 5602 Silverstone Drive, Lawrence.

Victor Mikel Wiesing and Jenna Marie Wiesing, 1206 North 1000 Road, Lawrence.

Heather Lee Marsh, 105 Pine Haven Court, Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

Feb. 15

Sweetwater Property LLC, 2409 Morningside Drive, Lawrence. Judgment: $349,099.14.

Feb. 22

Deanna Morris-Stringer, 3904 Monterey Court, Lawrence. Judgment: No amount.

Augusta Harris, 1333 E. 18th Street, Lawrence. Judgment: No amount.