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Opinion: Is President Trump’s doctor feeling all right?

January 20, 2018


— Examining the White House physician’s briefing on President Trump’s physical, I was alarmed — not about the president’s health, but the doctor’s.

Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson was so effusive in extolling the totally amazing, surpassingly marvelous, superbly stupendous and extremely awesome health of the president that the doctor sounded almost Trumpian. “The president’s overall health is excellent,” he said, repeating “excellent” eight times: “Hands down, there’s no question that he is in the excellent range. … I put out in the statement that the president’s health is excellent, because his overall health is excellent. … Overall, he has very, very good health. Excellent health.”

And just how excellent is His Excellency’s excellent health, doctor? “Incredible cardiac fitness,” was Dr. Jackson’s professional opinion. “He has incredible genes. … He has incredibly good genes, and it’s just the way God made him.”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN, making a rare house call to the White House briefing room, offered a second opinion. “He is taking a cholesterol-lowering medication, he has evidence of heart disease, and he’s borderline obese,” Gupta pointed out, citing Jackson’s own findings. “Can you characterize that as excellent health?”

Jackson replied that Trump’s heart is “in the excellent category.”

And not just his heart! The doctor rhapsodized about Trump’s vision, his stamina (“more energy than just about anybody”) and above all his mental acuity, which, Jackson made sure to note, he examined only “because the president asked me to.” Trump is “very sharp, and he’s very articulate. … Very, very sharp, very intact. … Absolutely no cognitive or mental issues whatsoever. … The president did exceedingly well.”

Sure, the guy could exercise and lose a few pounds. But “if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years, he might live to be 200 years old,” the White House physician proclaimed. Jackson even blessed Trump’s habit of sleeping only four or five hours a night — “probably one of the reasons why he’s been successful” — and his couch-potato tendencies: “He can watch as much TV as he wants.”

And that time when Trump slurred his speech? Jackson blamed himself, for prescribing Sudafed. It was dry throat — exactly the diagnosis offered by the White House spokeswoman!

Jackson, nearly equaling the prediction of Trump’s personal doctor that he would be the healthiest president ever, predicted Trump would remain healthy “for the remainder of another term, if he’s elected.”

Jackson has been a well-regarded doctor. But since finding himself in Trump’s orbit, he has adopted the hyperbolic style and excessive flattery of the boss that we see in other, previously respectable members of Trump’s court.

We see it in the once-dignified Sen. Orrin Hatch suggesting Trump is on his way to being a better president than Lincoln or Washington, in Rep. Kevin McCarthy collecting pink and red Starburst candy for Trump, in the lies told by Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to cover for Trump’s racist outburst, and in the fawning public performances by White House officials Stephen Miller and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. What makes them trash their dignity?

I put the question to Bandy X. Lee, the Yale Medical School psychiatrist who compiled the controversial book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” raising doubts about Trump’s mental fitness.

Lee said the screening test Jackson gave Trump “gives the public a false sense of reassurance.” Indeed, Donald Trump Jr. used the results of the test in a tweet: “More #winning. 30 out of 30.”

She said the test, though useful for detecting Alzheimer’s and the like, indicates little about “his high functioning, his frontal-lobe functioning, that we’re questioning.” To figure out what causes the worrisome traits President Trump exhibits — disordered decision-making, an insatiable need for affirmation, little impulse control, confusion about facts, difficulty foreseeing consequences — you’d need more extensive tests, a psychological exam and an MRI.

But, in a sense, you don’t need a doctor’s diagnosis to see that there’s a lot of chaos and volatility in the presidential brain.

That, Lee speculates, could explain powerful sycophancy that overcomes those who get close to Trump. “Those close to him are sensing this level of appeasement is necessary,” Lee speculated. They “feel they need to step in as a way to diminish his volatility and rage.”

The danger, Lee said, is that Trump’s courtiers do this for too long and succumb to “shared psychosis,” in which they come to “share his view of the world and lose touch with reality.”

They might even come to believe that a sedentary 71-year-old with significant plaque in his coronary arteries, high cholesterol and borderline obesity is the very picture of health.

— Dana Milbank is a columnist for Washington Post Writers Group.


Larry Sturm 4 months ago

Trump's doctor is misleading the public about Trump's health. By my own height and weight if he only was 239 pounds he would be skinny eating a diet of MacDonald hamburgers is not a slimming diet. As for not sleeping drinking 12 cans of diet coke a day and the amount of caffeine he consumes besides the acidity on his stomach from the coke . As far as i am concerned the the doctor is lying about his health.

Bob Summers 4 months ago

Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson felt alright doing the choom gang leader's physical. Years of drug use, drinking, smoking, by Mr Obama didn't seem to worry him.

But, the congenital Liberal creates a fantasy that Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson is not feeling alright because Trump eats Big Macs and is not worried.

Too funny!!

Steve King 4 months ago

"Years of drug use"? Ok Bob, a bit over the top don't you think? Got a source, got any proof for that hyperbole? You're worse than Fox News with that line. You sort of remind us of our liar in Chief, can't really get the truth out there so you just post unsubstantiated, unsourced BS. How about a conversation about Trump's people paying off a hooker? Or Fox news sitting on that story? Your obsession with Obama blinds you to Trump's lack of morals, lack of leadership. One year in we have the Trump Shutdown. Sad.

Bob Smith 4 months ago

Hows about the dog-eating tyrant's own words? "....Oh, and selfies. "I would advise all of you to be a little more circumspect about your selfies," Obama said to laughter (even though he was known to take a LOT of selfies, like this one and this one). “If you had pictures of everything I’d done when I was in high school, I probably wouldn’t have been president of the United States,” he said. And then he segued into his days as a pot head in a group called the Choom Gang. Lest you forget, David Maraniss' biography Barack Obama: The Story details Obama's days of smoking marijuana with his friends in Honolulu...." ://

Bob Summers 4 months ago

"Denial" is another attribute of people with the Liberal genetic condition.

Richard Neuschafer 4 months ago

And your comments continue to prove that you have some sort of likely inbreeding problem in your genes. It's the stupid genetic condition.

Bob Smith 4 months ago

And the howling mob of disappointed progressives goes howling into the woods with another attempt to overthrow the election of 2016. It is most amusing to watch.

Bob Smith 4 months ago

BTW, the local Dr. Kildare impersonators making medical diagnoses over the internet are hugely amusing.

Scott Burkhart 4 months ago

Dr. Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson said he consulted with the cardiologist at Walter Reed and the cardiologist at The Cleveland Clinic. That's good enough for me. If it isn't good enough for you, too bad.

Gary Stussie 4 months ago

DEMs shut down the government, news breaks that the DNC funded dossier was used by the FBI to get FISA warrants to unmask opposition candidates ... and the left's focus is on the President's health ... amazing!

Dr.Ronny Jackson was appointed physician to the president by President Barack Obama in 2013. They don't get any more accomplished. Navy Bio at:

Gary Stussie 4 months ago

"My take on Trump's first year as an African-American mom and veteran"

" elections are not about picking perfect people. They are about picking the best person running for an office to fill that office. And looking back at President Trump’s first year in office, I remain convinced that he was the better candidate for president in 2016."

Interesting read!

Gary Stussie 4 months ago

What do you get when you elect a Crook?

Richard Neuschafer 4 months ago

We've already had Nixon. Haven't you figured that out yet? Trump falls into both categories but, of course that is over your head.

Michael Kort 4 months ago

We have all heard Trump sniffing thru his nose during public on stage events because his nose is stopped up.........not that unusual for Trump.....and only being able to breath thru your mouth will dry your mouth out and the throat which is usually located between the mouth and the lungs, unless you are a con...servative ( lungs that never stop moving air In and out .......unless you are Trump and you are able to not breath for a very, very, very long times !...... on purpose !......or whatever ?

Inside of your nose there are things called terbinates that warm and humidify air that goes thru the nose and into the lungs........which are bypassed when you "mouth breath" because your nose is stopped up which dries out your mouth .

Sudafed, Pseudoephedrine can make you energetic ( and excitable, angery ) and limit your ability to sleep ( cause insomnia ) for a full nights 8hrs sleep, which sooner or later effects your health and your judgement........but it can open up your nose, allowing your mouth to become wet inside once again, as you breath thru your nose naturally .

There is a reason that you have to show ID to buy Pseudoephedrine...........which is......because illegal drug manufactures use it to make.......METH......AMPHETAMINE .

No mention of the presidents blood sugars ?.......because obees people usually have elevated blood sugars .

Where did they get this doctor......From Central Casting ?....and maybe Trump should see a REAL Ear Nose and Throat Specialist because there are other OTC drugs that could replace Sudafed ( if you believe their story.... to begin with ) that have less side effects for those who have a really, really, really big .......nuclear buttons !

He probably needs a nose job indside of his nose but that is a surgery requiring general anesthesia and not going to happen .

I once saw my late mother have a mini stroke that lasted maybe 1 or 2 minutes before the obstruction to the brain moved on without anything medical happening from the external to her .

Slurring words, selective loss of muscle control on one just came and went like that......she was very lucky .

Andrew Applegarth 4 months ago

"Where did they get this doctor......From Central Casting ?"

Actually, he was appointed by Obama as Physician to the President in 2013 and merely retained by Trump. Would you like to change your rant now, or would you like to tell us how incompetent Obama was in picking this physician?

Michael Kort 4 months ago

It's time for Mike Pence, Sara Sanders et al to start drinking water on stage with two hands at once, to convince us all that this is a normal way to drink water.........or how about a naval doctor in a uniform using both hands to find a drinks way to his mouth ?

Bob Smith 4 months ago

It's time for the armchair Dr. Kildares of the internet to cease displaying their pig-ignorance.

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