Real estate transfers for Jan. 5, 2018

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from Dec. 26 through Dec. 29:

Tuesday, Dec. 26

Jeramiah W. German and Angela German to Austin D. Sehorn, 930 Oliver’s Ct., Lawrence.

Bennett P. Gamel IRA to Hayden D. Carothers, 911 Cedar Pl., Eudora.

Michael A. Flory, Trustee and Cheryl A. Flory, Trustee to Richard E. Attig and Stephanie I. Attig, 1291 N 1083 Rd., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Dec. 27

Randall W. Rock and Jane M. Rock to Katherine McGillivray and William McGillivray, 4500 Bob Billings Pkwy #132, Lawrence.

Veeder Homes, LLC to Ali Toubat, 1112 Klein Ct., Lawrence.

David Voorhees and Lynette Voorhees to Branden Olberding, 2710 Stratton Dr., Eudora.

Highland Construction, Inc. to Minnis Building & Design Co. LLC, 309 Stoneridge Ct., Lawrence.

Ruth M. Mitchel to Triple BBB, LC, 3310 Yellowstone Dr., Lawrence.

Blacon Properties, LLC to Ronald V. Channell and Vicki L. Channell, 1104 Sturbridge Cir., Lawrence.

Alford-Clarke Post No. 852 Veterans Of Foreign Wars to BLC Properties, LLC, 1741 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

Thursday, Dec. 28

Charles E. Raiteri and Janice N. Raiteri to Jacob E. Noll and Ariel J. WhitelyNoll, 2236 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

MIKO LLC to Bryon E. Revell and Abbey VieuxRevell, 1600 Blk Maple Ter., Eudora.

Kim D. Richey, Trustee and Roberta S. Richey, Trustee to Jamie Winter and Jeanne Winter, 719 N 1851 Diag. Rd., Rural.

Stephanie J. Shelley and Brad Shelley and to Deborah Taylor and Charles B. Taylor, III, 720 Baker St., Baldwin City.

Bryan E. Revell and Abbey Vieux-Revell to Gregory Baird and Ariel Smith, 331 N. Stratton Cir., Eudora.

Richard M. Cooper and Julianne D. Cooper to Marcia E. Butell, 3931 Aster St., Lawrence.

Marcia E. Butell to Beth A. Robertson, 4301 Wimbledon Ter. and Unit 2B, Lawrence.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Kelsey Huff and Robert Weinstein, 525 Lyon St., Lawrence.

Josef K. Rantner and Karin Rantner to John R. Maninger, 412 Sierra Dr., Lawrence.

Peter G. Richards and Sue W. Richards and Jo F. Walsh, Trustee to Larry C. Schaake, Trustee and Janet L. Schaake, Trustee, Vacant Land, Rural.

Friday, Dec. 29

Keith S. Jones and Sue E. Jones to Crimson Properties LLC, 1012 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

RB LLC to Charles E. Lynn, 326 Headwaters Dr., Lawrence.

Curtis Campbell and Janiece Campbell to Susan E. Lee and Jarrett D. Horsky, 303 Yorkshire Dr., Lawrence.

RB LLC to Minnis Building And Design, LLC, 322 Headwaters Dr., Lawrence.

Amanda E. DeVoe and Jonathan Bice to Jason F. Hornberger and Jean M. Hornberger, 3413 Chance Ln. , Lawrence.

Estate of Rose L. Greaves to Karen R. Mettling and Kathryn S. Minick and Cynthia L. Schnacke, 1920 Hillview Rd., Lawrence.

David L. Heinz and Louise E. Heinz to Case-King Living Trust, 322 Indiana St., Lawrence.

Mary E. Christianson, Trustee and to 2017-1FL, LLC, 2529 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Mathew A. Berg and Nina L. Berg to Michael P. Becker and Lindsay N. Becker, 3016 Rimrock Dr., Lawrence.

David Sneider Agency, LLC to Casey A. Simoneau and Elise A. Simoneau, 707 8th St., Baldwin City.

Fall Creek Farms Development, Inc. to Terravest Custom Homes, LLC, 221/225/229 and Bramble Bend Ct., Lawrence.

Myriad Capital of Kansas, LLC to Chris Friederich and Korie Reed, 2912 W. 23rd Ter., Lawrence.

John W. McClure and Rebecca J. McClure and Martha J. Miller and David Miller to David McClure, Vacant Land, Rural.

JJMT, LLC to Ryan Kruse and Shea Kruse, 1312 W. 19th Ter., Lawrence.

Gail Gauthier and Lindsay N. Becker and Michael P. Becker to John D. Sirridge and Emily R. McElhaney, 1005 Home Cir., Lawrence.

Martha J. Miller and David Miller and David C. McClure to John McClure, Vacant Land, Rural.

Fall Creek Farms Development, Inc. to Gary L. Woodland Revocable Trust, 104 N. Wilderness Way, Lawrence.

Patrick D. Rangel and Carrie Rangel to Kevin R. Piske and Rhonda J. Piske, 411 N. Oliver Ave., Lawrence.

Jordana L. Arnold and Brain J. Clark to Lesa A. West and Autry Williams, 331 E. 19th St., Lawrence.

Stanley A. Sneegas, Trustee and Barbara K. Sneegas, Trustee to Armin W. Landis and Nancy K. Landis, 2912 Westdale Rd., Lawrence.

Daniel L. Pulliam to William S. Michels, 621 E. 1750 Rd., Rural.

Robert W. Lewis, Trustee to Nora Quitno and Neal Quitno, 1105 West Hills Pkwy, Lawrence. Jennifer K. Clarkson and

Casey H. Clarkson to Restoration Homes LLC, 1749 W. 20th Ter., Lawrence.

Garber Micah and Nicole Garber to Eric M. Finkbiner, Trustee and Karen L. Finkbiner, Trustee, 599 N. 1600 Rd., Rural.

Charles H. LaPointe and Nancy J. LaPointe to Eddingham Place Apartments, LLC, 1440 Eddingham Dr., Lawrence .

Tracy C. Russo, Trustee to Micah A. Garber and Nicole R. Garber, 2631 Prairie Elm Dr., Lawrence.