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Kobach charges 2 people with double voting, bringing total number of voter fraud cases to 15

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach presides over Kansas' Electoral College vote for the President of the United States in the Senate chambers of the Kansas Statehouse on Monday, Dec. 19, 2016 in Topeka, Kan.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach presides over Kansas' Electoral College vote for the President of the United States in the Senate chambers of the Kansas Statehouse on Monday, Dec. 19, 2016 in Topeka, Kan.

January 5, 2018


HAYS — Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has charged two more people with voting illegally less than a day after President Donald Trump dismantled his voter fraud commission.

Kobach's office said Thursday that the charges involve two people accused of double voting in Kansas and Colorado in 2016. They are among 15 people to be charged since Kobach obtained the authority to prosecute voter fraud cases in 2015. Kobach is a candidate for Kansas governor.

The most recent charges come on the heels of Trump's announcement late Wednesday that he is disbanding the commission for which Kobach had served as vice chairman. Trump's decision followed infighting and refusals by numerous states to cooperate.

The mission of the commission was transferred to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


Tony Peterson 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Only 15 people after two years. A bit shy of the hundreds of cases of voter fraud he claimed there were.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 2 months, 2 weeks ago

And what do you want to bet, they are registered Republicans, not the "evil" Democrats.

Jeanette Barrett 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Six million, I think was his number. Not a few hundred.

Tony Peterson 2 months, 2 weeks ago

I was referring to the numbers in Kansas.

David Portwood 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Two more people charged for double voting? Doesn't sound like much, but I think it's like finding two ants at the picnic: you darn well know there are many more. If there is a way to manipulate the vote count - and we've just seen that there is - then how can you not expect it isn't almost a commonplace occurrence? I mean, Russia spends all this money posting to social media. Do you think they would stop at actual voter fraud? These are just two that were caught. There were surely many more that weren't caught. And I strongly suspect there are many other ways to manipulate vote counts besides double voting.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 2 months, 2 weeks ago

These are not ants. If there is one murder in western Kansas (where many of these double voters have lived), does that mean there have been more murders that haven't been discovered? You analogy does not work here. Several of these people voted in both states, because they own property in both states and somehow thought it was okay. And several have been registered Republicans. Oh, and there were plenty of states who balked at giving up their voter's records, both red and blue. And if there was wide spread voter fraud in Kansas, that must be how all these Republicans keep getting elected, right?

Josh Berg 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Republicans are getting elected because you close your eyes and ears to the rest of the State Dorothy. If you think your little liberal bubble here represents the thoughts of the entire State then you are clearly not as smart as I thought you were.

Richard Neuschafer 2 months, 1 week ago

Josh, Kansas voters aren't the smartest lot in the nation by far. They blindly vote for the person with an "R" after their name just like you do. They and you are completely brainwashed. It's no better than being a member of a cult.

Dave Kruse 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Trump's fraud voter fraud commission. Seven federal lawsuits were filed against Kobach and the commission for violating privacy and ethics laws. But the mere threat of the Trump administration collecting such data led thousands of scared voters to remove themselves from the voter rolls in swing states like Colorado. Of the nearly 3,800 people who de-registered in Colorado, 85 percent were Democratic or unaffiliated voters.

Earlier this week, a federal court ruled that Kobach could proceed with his request for voter data because Trump’s commission was not an “agency” of the federal government and was exempt from undertaking a privacy impact assessment before collecting such data. On Wednesday, Kobach sent a second letter to all 50 states, once again asking them to turn over voter information to Trump’s commission.

Kobach wrote that “statistical conclusions [will be] drawn from the data,” prompting concern among voting rights advocates, given that the statistics Kobach uses to claim that voter fraud is widespread are almost always wrong.

Kobach is one of the only elected officials in the country who defends Trump’s debunked claim that millions voted illegally in the 2016 election.

Kobach's voter suppression tool is what stole the election from Hillary.

Crosscheck in action:

Trump victory margin in Michigan: 13,107 Michigan Crosscheck purge list: 449,922

Trump victory margin in Arizona: 85,257 Arizona Crosscheck purge list: 270,824

Trump victory margin in North Carolina: 77,008 North Carolina Crosscheck purge list: 589,393

Just 3 examples. They want to take voter suppression nationwide!

Gary Stussie 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Back in May 16, David Goldstein, investigative reporter for CBS (CBS for God's sake) cross checked SS death records against Southern CA voting records ... he identified hundreds of so-called dead voters ... specifically 265 in Southern California and a vast majority of them, 215, in Los Angeles County alone. One guy in Palmdale died in 2003 but managed to vote n 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010.

California active and inactive voter registration records shows there were more total registered voters than there were adults over the age of 18 living in each of the following eleven (11) counties: Imperial (102%), Lassen (102%), Los Angeles (112%), Monterey (104%), San Diego (138%), San Francisco (114%), San Mateo (111%), Santa Cruz (109%), Solano (111%), Stanislaus (102%), and Yolo (110%). Los Angeles County officials admit that the total number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.

As close as some of these elections are, why would Democrats not want our to make sure voting roles were accurate?

Michael Kort 2 months, 2 weeks ago

if Kansas has a population of 3 million then Kobach as discovered a whopping 5 voter frauds per million basic citizens in over two years....... or a 2.5 voter frauds per million citizens per average year, .......over 2 years of paying for an office full of assistant hired lawyers and their staff, that do the work that a simple computer cross reference could do with one full time lawyer in office to prosecute cases ( like Koback ......if he weren't MIA doing jobs that the state doesn't pay him to do on their time in Swampington, D.C.) .

So, what does all of that cost Kansans for 2 years of little to next to no serroius results ? !

A FORTUNE ! ! ! $ $ $

You should be so lucky to have a job in Kobchs' state office as a lawyer assistant looking for voter fraud because unless they are working this the silly hardest dumbest way, you wouldn't have much to do with just 15 cases in two years to prosecute and other lawyers in house to help you bear that terrible caseload ?

Richard Heckler 2 months, 2 weeks ago

The GOP has become home to radical right wing extremists who effectively own the party name = RINO's.

The GOP has become home for radical right wing extremists that which do own the party name = RINO's .

RINO's are a threat to the economy,democracy and foreign policy !

Donald Trump is a RINO and has always been a RINO. The Koch Boys are RINOS and have always been RINO’s like their father .

RINO”S through lies and deceptions now own the GOP name which means a tiny minority have taken over Washington DC pretending to represent the majority. What a lie.

Paul Ryan is a RINO.

RINO Republicans Hate Voters. RINOS” are libertarians and fundamentalists These RINO’s hate women more. RINO’s want to steal our retirement funds and lower wages across the board.

--- RINO Republican politicians which are radical extreme are on a 24/7 schedule to suppress your right to vote. Which likely guarantees them election.

--- The Radical RINO Republican Party have this voter suppression tactic down to a science which is to say they know exactly how many suppressed votes are necessary to win. Do NOT under estimate.

--- How many voters have RINO radical republican conservatives purged thus far?

--- Surely we don't believe RINO conservatives have stopped breaking the law.

Voters ORGANIZING A VOTING DAY PACKET might be a preventive measure which could include:

--- a birth certificate

--- a drivers license or state ID card

--- proof of voter registration etc etc etc.

--- --- Military Discharge Papers

--- Keep this packet close to protect your right to vote

Do it today in case it is discovered one or more of the above cannot be found. None of these are difficult to replace. But will take time.

Steve Hicks 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Gary, there were approximately 4.9 million registered voters in Los Angeles County in 2013: probably 5 million by 2016.

You say (but we've all seen how sloppy you can be about sourcing your statements) that 215 of those who voted were dead. You do the math on that shocking electoral highjacking by Democrats (again, as you say).

I'd suggest the votes of dead Calfornians probably break like those of live Californians: 51% Democrat, 22% Republican, and 37% other parties and no preference (again, 2013).

So you're saying that 110 fake votes threw Los Angeles County's elections to Democrats, subverted America's electoral system, and cheated over 1 million honest (?) Republicans of their voting rights ?

Right, Gary ?

(For comparison, last time I looked all the fraudulent voters but one that Kobach has caught were Republicans. Whatever electoral shenanigans are going on in Kansas would seem to be almost entirely by the crooked faction that currently rules our state: of which Kobach himself is a "leader.")

Gary Stussie 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Does Richard work for the DNC?

Was not suggesting that California elections would be adversely impacted ... most sane people have left orare leaving California as fast as they can. I was suggesting that we all should be concerned about clean voter roles.

Richard ... what's with the Voter Suppression garbage:

Activities requiring a photo ID which are not discriminatory: -Buy Alcohol -Buy Cigarettes --pen a Bank Account -Apply for Food Stamps -Apply for Welfare -Apply for Medicaid -Apply for a Job -Apply for Social Security -Apply for Unemployment -Rent a House -Buy a House -Apply for a Mortgage -Drive a Car -Rent a Car -Get on an Airplane -Purchase a Gun -Get Married -Adopt a Pet -Rent a Hotel Room -Apply for a Fishing License -Apply for a Hunting License -Buy a Cell Phone -Gamble at a Casino -Get a Prescription -Donate Your Blood -Buy an “M” rated Video Game -Use a Credit Card -Hold a Rally or Protest

Activities where requiring a Photo ID is apparently discriminatory - Voting

Ken Lassman 2 months, 1 week ago

And Gary, what we are saying is that in the supposed quest for "clean voter roles," Kobach's tactics are throwing the baby of representational democracy out with the bath water. We are further saying that the voter suppression tactics of most concern involve large scale demographic biases that disproportionately affect young voters and minorities and to a lesser extent the elderly. Kobach's Republican double voter song and dance in Kansas is merely diversionary to this very troubling trend, where over 30,000 voter registrations were held "in suspense" by Kobach's program in the last election, and such tactics, when taken to the national level, swing elections way more decisively than the boogeyman of "illegal aliens" flooding our electoral process.

Steve Hicks 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Accurate voter-rolls, and verifying voters' identity, are commonsense.

That said, although the previously-existing system was flawed (as can be expected of any system operated by human beings: including any corrected system marketed as "NEW AND IMPROVED !!"), it had never proved to be more than a miniscule problem: and was left in the hands of state and local officials.

That too is commonsense. The folks at my local polling-place know who I am, from my years of voting there, better than anyone in Washington. Those local folks would also be more likely to be suspicious if an unknown 20-year old wannabe-voter with a Russian accent gave an address at the local old-folks home. Isn't that the point of "conservatives' " (former) principle of "devolving" power from the federal to the local levels of government ?

So you're O.K. with the (current) federal government taking management of this miniscule local problem, Gary ? As I recall, you were also in favor of the current federal government's increasing the national deficit by over a trillion dollars ? You likewise seem all-in with everything the current president "likes" (however temporarily), Gary. You realize that makes you a fake conservative: a "conservative" ?

So you're O.K. with the federal government (which you otherwise deem evil and incompetent) running our voting system ? And that that power be in the hands of known liars like Kobach and Trump, who claim there are "3-5,000,000" illegal voters out there ? Doesn't that false number tell you the scale of the "cleansing" of voter-rolls they intend to do: and that all but a handful of those they want to disenfranchise are legal voters ?

Wake up, Gary. And stop claiming you champion conservative principles.

Gary Stussie 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Minuscule Problem? ... A former FEC commissioner and counsel to the assistant attorney general for civil rights at the U.S. Justice Department, von Spakovsky said California is of particular concern because of the rising number of noncitizens illegally registering and voting in elections, as well as the “terrible shape” the voter registration rolls are in.

"Jerry Mosna was gardening outside his San Pedro, Calif., home Saturday when he noticed something odd: Two stacks of 2016 ballots on his mailbox.The 83 ballots, each unused, were addressed to different people, all supposedly living in his elderly neighbor’s two-bedroom apartment."

Interestingly, CA is one of the 15, primarily Democratic states, which refused to provide voter roles to Trump's fraud voter fraud commission. Voter fraud not a problem as long as it benefits ones own party?

Like I said ... If illegals voted Republican, you would be able to see the boarder wall from the space station!

Steve Hicks 2 months, 1 week ago

Your first couple paragraphs show that "sloppy sourcing" problem again, Gary. You really should work on that if you want people to believe what you say.

"CA is one of the 15, primarily Democratic states, which refused to provide voter roles..."

States that totally refused to comply with the Kobach commission's request for voter-rolls included Republican states (some DEEP red) like Maine, Kentucky, South Carolina, Wyoming, New Mexico. Tennessee.

And how do you explain that Kobach's own office, in the very Republican state of Kansas (like several other states) said they'd only partially comply ? Or other Republican states like Mike Pence' own Indiana, or Utah, that still hadn't said they'd comply by the time the fake committee was terminated ?

It's a real problem, Gary, when you try to make verifiable facts in the real world fit into a ideological template that you claim explains everything. If it doesn't...I presume even you can see the facts don't quite fit, aren't really "explained" by, your ideology ?

The thing normal people do at that point, Gary, is decide whether the facts or the ideology is false, and creating the problem: and then discard what's false.

HINT: honest people always discard their false ideology, Gary.

Gary Stussie 2 months, 2 weeks ago

“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” ― William F. Buckley Jr.

Ken Lassman 2 months, 1 week ago

As opposed to some right wing ideologues, who are hyper-aware that there are other views and attribute them all to Satan without examining them. They are afraid of contaminating their pure vision and spend all of their time trying to stamp out any variation.

Ideologues who are struck blind by their vision are to be found all across the spectrum, Gary; name calling such as Buckley's generalization is merely a tool to keep that vision from being contaminated by reality.

And I'll end my counter-generalization there, something I'm perfectly willing to own up to. Any time you want to talk specifics/reality, I'd much prefer to do that.

Gary Stussie 2 months, 1 week ago

Ken ...I'm a baby boomer and that generation has spearheaded, and had to accept, more "change/variation" than any generation, previous or since. I believe we have done so in a mostly admiral fashion. Personally, I have examined and modified my position on many of the beliefs I was raised with. I am still guided by things that I believe are axiomatic ... and tend to speak out when those are challenged by people that, I believe, do not have a firm grip on what made this country great!

Answer me this ... Why is it that Democrats subscribe to a “no enemies to the left” philosophy. They can scarcely bring themselves to say bad things about the crazies on the extreme left, the Antifa thugs, the nuts who scream down people they disagree with but go to great lengths to link the Republican Party to right wing extremists!

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 2 months, 1 week ago

Obviously you don't know too many Democrats are even engage with them on social media.

Ken Lassman 2 months, 1 week ago

I'm also a baby boomer and appreciate your striving to adapt to and shape a world different from your parents while at the same time holding onto things of lasting value--this is indeed the work of each generation. For me a necessary element in this is to listen to folks who are from all walks of life, which is why Buckley's generalization is so facile to me.

Unfortunately, you are continuing to generalize with your broadbrush statement about Democrats. If I were wanting to generalize it would be to say that extremists from both the left and right are the most critical of everyone else, and if more moderate elements of both parties are not openly critical of their most extreme wings it is because they are uttering to each other beneath their breaths, cognizant that they are being judged as inferior by their more fervent extreme representatives. But moderate Dems are every bit as cognizant of the shortcomings of the far left as moderate Republicans are wary of the extreme right.

But this once again is spoken with the language of the generalization that ultimately has very little use over the long haul. I therefore re-invite you to speak in less general terms.

Richard Neuschafer 2 months, 1 week ago

Gary, your sources of information continues to leave a lot to be desired. Too much propaganda, heresay, and overgeneralizations. It's garbage.

Gary Stussie 2 months, 1 week ago

Is this one of those moderate democrats with which I should engage?

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 2 months, 1 week ago

Yes. You just need to understand when you are reading facts or propaganda. You have a right to your opinion, but if it isn't based in fact, then your argument won't work. Your opinion won't stand otherwise. And generalizations are bad too; although I've been guilty of it too. But it's not a good argument, so I try to stay away from them. I lose the argument every time I use generalizations.

And facts matter. Example: I know a woman who constantly said "They need to get rid of the estate tax, the death tax." This woman might be leaving her kids a couple fo thousand dollars if they sell her car and furniture. She was never going to have to pay an estate tax, but she was sure she would have to, even though the facts didn't uphold her opinion.

Steve Hicks 2 months, 1 week ago

One of your ideological bunch asked this on another thread, Gary. I've changed the party-name, because it works the same way, both ways:

"...what do you think gives you the right to determine who is or isn't a true Democrat ?"

You spew "alternate facts," which you "verify" from untrustworthy partisan websites, and argue dishonestly: why should we believe your characterization of people you choose to believe are your "enemies" ?

"Enemies" is what you need to re-think, Gary. When a guy has his arm around your neck, and his hand on your billfold (I won't say where his "large hand" is lodged), people who warn you he's violently mugging you are trying to do you good. It's incomprehensible why any normal person in that situation would always belligerently argue "No, he's not !"

That you think your abuser actually loves you, and that you're "in love" with him, is hard to understand. But it doesn't excuse his actions.

Richard Heckler 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Who is pushing and funding voter suppression? Trump is a soldier....

How many VOTERS been purged from the voting rolls?

Check your status frequently.

Voters PROTECT Your Right To Vote = ORGANIZE A VOTING DAY PACKET to include:

--- a drivers license or state ID card

--- Military Discharge Papers

--- Keep this packet close to protect your right to vote

Do it today in case it is discovered one or more of the above cannot be found. None of these are difficult to replace. But will take time.

Some believe voter suppression is effective.

ALEC conservatives are keeping American focused on immigrants voting illegally

HOWEVER there are not enough illegal immigrants registered to vote much less participate in the voting process to impact an election.

The GOP is voting against YOUR voting rights ..........

Richard Heckler 2 months, 1 week ago

Illegal citizens are going to register and try to vote so they can be discovered. Yeah right.

Illegal voters? ...... must be the ALEC conservatives doing so. How else can they win? They are the frauds.

ALEC is directly tied to the emerging trend among state legislatures to consider voter ID laws.

Using false allegations of “voter fraud,” right-wing politicians are pursuing policies that disenfranchise students and other at-risk voters — including the elderly and the poor — who are unlikely to have drivers’ licenses or other forms of photo ID.

By suppressing the vote of such groups, ALEC’s model “Voter ID Act” grants an electoral advantage to Republicans while undermining the right to vote.

In addition, ALEC wants to make it easier for corporations to participate in the political process. Make it easier? As if corrupt special interest money doesn't make it easier?

Elections taskforce is co-chaired by Sean Parnell of the Center for Competitive Politics, one of the most vociferous pro-corporate election groups, and promotes model legislation that would devastate campaign finance reform and allow for greater corporate influence in elections. Sooooooo it appears it's the libertarians and fundamentalists that are messing with the voting process.

Richard Heckler 2 months, 1 week ago

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) was founded in 1973 by Henry Hyde, Lou Barnett, and Paul Weyrich, who helped build a nationwide right-wing political infrastructure following the reelection of Richard Nixon.

In the same year, Weyrich helped establish the Heritage Foundation, now one of the most prominent right-wing policy institutes in the country.

One year later, he founded the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, the predecessor of the Free Congress Foundation. In 1979, he co-founded and coined the Moral Majority with Jerry Falwell, and in 1981 he helped establish the ultraconservative Council on National Policy.

ALEC’s major funders include Exxon Mobil, the Scaife family (Allegheny Foundation and the Scaife Family Foundation), the Coors family (Castle Rock Foundation), Charles Koch (Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation and the Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation), the Bradley family (The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation) and the Olin family (John M. Olin Foundation).2 These organizations consistently finance right-wing think tanks and political groups.

Members of ALEC’s board represent major corporations such as Altria, AT&T, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Koch Industries, PhRMA, Peabody Energy, and State Farm. Such corporations represent just a fraction of ALEC’s approximately three hundred corporate partners.

According to the Center For Media and Democracy, over 98% of ALEC’s funding comes from corporations, special interests, and sources other than legislative dues (which run $50 per year for legislators).

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