Letter to the editor: Outlaw dog racing

To the editor:

The majority of Kansans do not want dog racing in our state. This is supported by statewide polls and surveys. This “sport” is fiscally irresponsible and unbelievably inhumane. Yet, once again, it has been introduced in the Kansas Legislature with voting next week.

Supporters of this exploitative activity claim that dog racing will be an economic boost to the state. In reality, the subsidization of dog racing with profits from expanded gaming has failed spectacularly in other states. Iowa and Rhode Island ended their subsidy programs, and West Virginia is considering it. Florida’s tracks lose $40 million annually on greyhound racing despite subsidies from slot machine gambling. Kansas has seen three tracks close after suffering significant financial losses: Wichita Greyhound Park, The Woodlands and Camptown Greyhound Park.

Additionally, greyhound racing is incredibly cruel. In Florida (one of the few states that still operates dog tracks), a racing greyhound dies every three days, either from a broken neck, fractured skull, cardiac arrest or electrocution. These social, sentient animals are neglected, starved, overworked, deprived of veterinary care, and some are even injected with cocaine and steroids. A recent cruelty case in Florida revealed that underperforming dogs are executed.

Kansas is better than this! We must outlaw greyhound racing, just as 40 other states have already done. Won’t you please help? Simply email or call your Kansas legislators and urge them to vote NO on HB 2545.