3 KU fraternities suspended in 2018

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1301 W. Campus Road, is pictured in this file photo from March 2009.

Three fraternities at the University of Kansas have been suspended since the beginning of the year.

Representatives from the national headquarters of Delta Upsilon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Sigma Phi Epsilon told The Kansas City Star that their Kansas chapters are not operating as the university investigates possible violations of fraternity policy.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon spokesperson Johnny Sao said that fraternity’s chapter was closed Jan. 19 until further notice while possible health and safety violations are investigated. The university says the fraternity is on probation until Jan. 31, 2020.

Delta Upsilon International Fraternity spokesperson Ashley Martin says its Kansas chapter was put on “emergency suspension” Jan. 29. The fraternity doesn’t currently appear on a list of student organizations sanctioned by the school.

A Sigma Phi Epsilon representative says its chapter is being investigated for possible hazing.

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