Letter to the editor: Kobach’s real goal

To the editor:

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach says he wants to stop a million unregistered immigrants from voting illegally. I believe his real goal is winnowing out legal voters he doesn’t like. Here’s just some of the evidence.

1. Kobach got a law passed making it hard to register. At least 36,000 Kansan citizens were illegally disenfranchised until the courts intervened.

2. Kobach got another law passed letting him prosecute illegal voters. He found fewer than 10. Most or all of them had made honest mistakes.

3. Kobach runs an interstate computer program “Crosscheck” that allegedly detects illegal voters. It turned up a million duds but very few verified illegal voters. Thousands were illegally disenfranchised in other states.

4. The voters unfairly targeted by Kobach’s rules mainly belong to groups that tend to vote against Kobach’s political party.

5. Kobach cochaired a presidential commission on illegal voting. It was disbanded after a court suit because he refused to share information with commission members from the other party.

6. Kobach is a former law professor who presumably knows what every accepted academic study says: The numbers of illegal voters are tiny, while millions of citizens are being deprived of votes by various voting regulations.

7. Kobach opposes the Free State Elections Act, which will protect Kansas voting rights. (It’s now being considered in the Senate Ethics, Elections, and Local Government Committee, chaired by Sen. Elaine Bowers.)