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A candidate for Kansas’ 2nd District congressional seat won’t stop AR-15 raffle

February 15, 2018, 12:45 p.m. Updated February 15, 2018, 1:27 p.m.


LEAVENWORTH — A Kansas congressional hopeful does not plan to stop a raffle for an AR-15 rifle, even though it's the type of weapon authorities said was used in the mass shooting at a Florida high school.

Republican Tyler Tannahill, a candidate in Kansas' 2nd Congressional District, announced the raffle to support his campaign on Tuesday, a day before 17 people were killed in the Florida shooting. He told The Kansas City Star hours after the shooting that the raffle would continue, noting it was planned a month ago to coincide with the Kansas Republican Convention this weekend in Wichita.

Tannahill, a veteran Marine from Leavenworth, is among several people in the GOP primary race to replace U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, who is not seeking re-election. He said the raffle was intended to show his support for the Second Amendment.

"No individual is for school shootings. It's heartbreaking ... being a parent, our thoughts on that, for me personally, I am a strong believer in the Second Amendment," Tannahill said. "I think we need to have a discussion of what can be done and throwing out comments of displeasure isn't going to solve it."

Hours after the Florida shooting Wednesday, Tannahill posted on social media that he and his wife were "heartbroken to learn of the tragedy" and shared a link to a nonprofit called FASTER, which gives teachers and school staffers violence response training.

"We're not trying to raise money off the school shooting," Tannahill told The Star. "We do want to find a solution and I think this FASTER program is something we can look into implementing."

The raffle will go on despite generally negative reactions on his website, with several comments asking Tannahill to end the raffle, calling it "tone deaf" and "ridiculous."

The raffle rules state participants must be 18 or older and meet all legal requirements to purchase and own a firearm.

Tannahill said the winner will be required to go into a store where the gun is on layaway and must pass federal background checks before the gun can be released.

In September, a Missouri candidate for U.S. Senate, Austin Petersen, was banned from Facebook for 30 days for livestreaming a raffle to give away an AR-15.


Michael Davidson 2 months ago

Contributions to FASTER are actually going to the Buckeye Firearms Foundation.

Michael Kort 2 months ago

SO.............because the " Mentally Unstable " need (?) to know (?)..............does this AR-15 weapon come with thousands of rounds of ammunition and a bump stock ? ? ?

Just to be clear,..........should we arm grade schoolers, middle schoolers and high schoolers at school, in support of the second amendments ?...........the NRA's real ownership's dream of a future for your kids, if they can just get enough mass shootings going at schools .

That would be millions and millions of guns sold to be used by school kids for " whatever " and the manufacturers would get $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ richer than hell !

P Allen Macfarlane 2 months ago

"should we arm grade schoolers, middle schoolers and high schoolers at school, in support of the second amendments ?"

That would work. When the kids come to school, they could put their firearm in their cubby or locker along with their coats and lunches if they didn't have a holster that would allow them to open carry in class. For protection, the schools could issue bullet-proof vests to the kids to wear during school hours. Instead of PE the schools could offer target practice, because as we all know (wink, wink, nod, nod) shooting at targets is a sport and a legitimate reason for owning a firearm.

What a great idea. I think we should propose it to the NRA. It would be especially easy to do in Kansas since there are no real limits on gun ownership in this state.

Andrew Applegarth 2 months ago

Actually, the intelligent people do know that target shooting is a sport. I'm sorry if that doesn't include you. It would explain why your comments are long on snark and short on intelligence...

I don't think that arming the kids is necessary, but bullet proof vests might not be a bad idea as long as we have the current quality of liberals running our schools. Also, gun safety and target practice used to be part of the PE curriculum. Sadly it was halted prior to my reaching that age, but I'm pretty sure my older sisters still had the archery section. Luckily I was able to be part of the Shooting Sports project through 4-H because we didn't compete inside a school like where we held our club meetings.

There is no need to propose anything to the NRA as they already have a program designed to work in schools to teach the basics of gun safety. It would go a long ways towards reducing the harm done when a child finds a gun, but it isn't allowed because 1) the NRA and 2) guns. There is a reason that the child most likely to fire a found gun and harm another is a child who has been 'sheltered' from guns and has no respect for it. While proper storage instead of hiding the gun can help reduce these instances, you can't stop a child from finding a gun tossed by a fleeing criminal. You can only hope that they have been taught well enough to leave it alone and that they can find cover if it's picked up by a anti-gunner's kid.

PS: I hope you are careful about watching the winter Olympics. I wouldn't want you to have a heart attack if you see all the armed skiers in the biathlon!

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 2 months ago

What brand and model is the rifle being raffled off?

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