Latest Douglas County court filings for April 30, 2018

photo by: Joe Preiner

The Douglas County Courthouse.


Eric Gulley, 33, Lawrence, and Kristen Horn, 29, Lawrence.

Lauren Michael Campbell, 36, Lawrence, and Eric Michael Campbell, 37 Lawrence.

Gregory Branham, 45, Olathe, and Lisa Ferguson, 44, Olathe.

Yvette Zoh Garcia, 47, Lawrence, and Cody Lee Nehrbass, 40, Lawrence.

Michael Jason Black, 45, Lawrence, and Christina Jean Biery, 49, Olathe.

Kathleen Hermesch, 29, Lawrence, and Daniel Cooper, 31, Lawrence.

Margot Howard, 33, Lawrence, and John Self, 28, Lawrence.

David Robert Ross, 41, Lawrence, and Jill Kristine Becker, 38, Lawrence.

Sunnatulla Xusano lbragimov, 31, Lawrence, and Man Wang, 30, Lawrence.

Jonathan Wilson Williams, 46, Lawrence, and Kathren Leona Winslow, 38, Lawrence.

Antwane Murice Anderson, 25, Lawrence, and Mariam Ame Machano, 24, Lawrence.

Oneill Rodriguez-Ramirez, 24, Lawrence, and Daileen M. Meighan De Jesus, 27, Lawrence.

William John Hambleton, 25, Palatine, Ill., and Elizabeth Kathryn Marks, 25, Palatine, Ill.

Enrique Hernandez Antonio, 33, Topeka, and Erica Elizabeth Davis, 25, Topeka.

Sunayan Mullick, 27, Independence, Mo., and Neha Sharma, 30, Independence, Mo.


Catherine Elaine Maxon, 63, Lawrence, and Kevin Maxon, 63, Lawrence.

Samantha L. Gary, 32, Lawrence, and Andrew J. Henderson, 32, Lawrence.

Jennifer Weghorst, 43, Lawrence, and Rafe Brown, 50, Lawrence.


Lani Roe Benton, 816 E. 14th St., Lawrence.

Israel Hermes Montes de Oca, 4224 Helianthus Drive, Lawrence.

Nicole Elaine Butts, 2000 Heatherwood Drive, Apt. 105, Lawrence.

John Linn Yates and Karen Marie Yates, 423 Eisenhower Lane, Lawrence.

Leah Michelle Nelson, 534 Louisiana St., Apt. 2, Lawrence.

Jeremy Lee Wilson and Marsha Ann Wilson, 1631 Harper St., Lawrence.

Donna Marie Johnson, 2713 Meadow Place, Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

May 24

Mary Hodson, 1802 W. 22nd, Lawrence. Judgment: $77,737.