Fix-It Chick: Several Shark Tank products useful, worth investment

Shark Tank is a reality television show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to wealthy investors. Not all products are worthy of investment, and not all investments turn out to be for worthy products, but here are six successful Shark Tank products that are worthy of your investment.

Item 1: The Scrub Daddy is a smiley face sponge that stays firm in cold water and becomes soft in warm water. It is one of Shark Tank’s most successful products because it works and it’s a great way to get someone to wash the dishes. Who doesn’t want to use a smiley face to wash the dishes?

Item 2: Fiber Fix repair tape is a versatile mesh material that comes imbued with resin. Soak the tape in water then wrap it around the object to be repaired. It takes about fifteen minutes to cure and creates a permanent repair on any object it can be wrapped around.

Item 3: Wall Doctor drywall patch kit makes patching 1-inch to 4-inch holes in drywall quick and easy. The innovative design eliminates the need for tools without sacrificing integrity. Just peel and stick, then wait for the spackling to dry before priming and painting.

Item 4: Likwid Concepts paint brush and roller covers are reusable containers that can save the day in the middle of a project when there isn’t time to properly clean a brush or roller cover. The hard plastic containers will safely store a wet paint brush or roller cover for hours, days or even weeks.

Item 5: Bambooee towels are a great replacement for paper towels. Made from bamboo and rayon, these light weight towels can be washed 100 times before they lose their integrity. Made from organic, sustainable bamboo, they are stronger and more absorbent than traditional paper towels. They fit on any paper towel dispenser and Bambooee will plant a tree for every roll of towels they sell.

Item 6: Drain Wig hair catcher could be the perfect answer to those clogged tub and shower drains. The beaded contraption hangs down in the bath or shower drain and catches long hairs that would otherwise create a clog in the drain. Drain Wig is safer and easier to use than chemical drain cleaners. Every couple of weeks, just pull the Drain Wig out of the drain and toss it and the hair into the trash.

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