Another hard freeze forecast for Lawrence after Saturday’s record-breaking chill

The snow once predicted for Sunday is mostly out of the forecast, but the Lawrence area is in for a few more cold mornings, according to the latest weather forecast from the National Weather Service.

If snow does fall Sunday morning in the Lawrence area, it won’t amount to more than a light dusting, said Bryan Baerg, meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Topeka. Baerg said the chance for rain will stick around into the afternoon, but by that time the temperature will be well above freezing with a predicted high in the low 40s.

Saturday’s low — 17 degrees — was the coldest temperature recorded on that date since the National Weather Service installed measuring equipment at Lawrence Municipal Airport in the 1990s, Baerg said. The previous record low for the date was 25 degrees in 2009.

There will be another hard freeze Sunday morning with the morning low in the mid-20s, Baerg said. A low of about 30 is forecast for Monday.

Unseasonably cool weather will persist until temperatures warm Tuesday to the upper 50s, Baerg said. Mild weather will return later in the week, with highs in the 70s forecast Wednesday through Friday.

That brief outbreak of spring won’t end the cool and gloomy weather pattern that northeast Kansas has experienced for the past month, Baerg said. The long-range forecast predicts more systems from the Pacific Northwest will roll across the Midwest, bringing clouds and cooler temperatures but little rain. The typical springtime pattern is for warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico to build in front of storm systems that originate from the Desert Southwest, Baerg said.

“We’re stuck in the same pattern for a couple more weeks and maybe through the end of April,” he said. “We’ll see brief stints of (warming) up and then more cool, overcast days with very little moisture.”

The silver lining of the pattern is that there is a smaller chance of severe weather, Baerg said.