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Cloud County, Kansas, trying to get Tyson chicken plant

September 27, 2017


SALINA — Saline County commissioners are supporting a Cloud County effort to bring a Tyson chicken plant to Cloud County and Concordia.

The commissionon Tuesday signed a letter in support of the $300 million project. The Salina Journal reports letter says the plant would benefit the entire region because Tyson will invest $100 million to help farmers and ranchers raise poultry.

Tyson was planning to build the plant near Tonganoxie but put those plans on hold after fierce opposition from nearby residents. On Sept. 19, the Leavenworth County Commission rescinded an offer for $500 million in industrial bonds for the plant because of the opposition.

Gov. Sam Brownback's administration had pledged an undisclosed amount of tax breaks to persuade Tyson to locate on a 300-acre site south of Tonganoxie.


Bob Gent 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Best of luck to them. I hope they have the budget to cover the cost of additional social services for the low paid workers at the plant. They'll also need to be able to invest in the infrastructure, like roads, sewers and water treatment. All those low income families will come with children needing education, and a plant with a big property tax abatement won't be helping support the school system
Still, go for it cloud county, maybe Tongie will regret the opportunity they've passed up, but I doubt it

Brandon Devlin 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Was that really the reason Tonganoxie didn't want the plant? Because of Social Services and Infrastructure improvements needed?

The fact that so many from Lawrence were against it as well makes me think that this smells (pardon the pun) of a "not in my backyard" movement, not worries about schools and sewers.

First World problems. . .

Chris Johnson 6 months, 3 weeks ago

Anyone along or downstream from the Republican or Solomon Rivers should be concerned, including Lawrence. Both rivers run through Cloud County and feed into the Kaw. Tyson appears to have problems dealing with waste from its facilities.

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