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2-year-old playing with gun kills sleeping father in Missouri

September 25, 2017


ST. LOUIS — Police say a 2-year-old boy has accidentally killed his father while playing with a gun in St. Louis.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that police say the toddler shot 27-year-old Darrion Noble in the neck Saturday afternoon. The shooting happened while the boy was handling the firearm in a bed where his father was sleeping. Noble died at the scene.

It’s unclear who the gun belonged to or how the child found it. Police released no other details of the shooting.


Bob Forer 9 months ago

Think somebody is going to attack you while you sleep, so you keep a loaded handgun under your pillow.

A Darwin Award is little solace.

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 9 months ago

When will people stop leaving loaded guns where children will find them? Another sad story about this topic in the paper today.

P Allen Macfarlane 9 months ago

Another argument for thorough training in using and storing guns before someone is allowed to have one. We've seen too many instances of accidental shootings lately.

Richard Aronoff 9 months ago

Remember when the geniuses in Topeka eliminated the requirement for gun owners to take a safety course because it was a burden on low-income people? They could have said the course is free to people below a certain income level. But that would have required the application of some common sense.

You have a right to own a gun. You have a right to drive a car. You do not have a right to drive that car recklessly. Keeping an unsecured, loaded gun in a house where children are present is reckless and there should be legal ramifications for doing so.

Brock Masters 9 months ago

Richard, there was never a requirement to take a safety course for gun owners. CCW applicants had to take training, but it focused on the laws pertaining to CCW and not safety.

We have a right to own a gun, but there is no right to drive. The distinction is important as while rights can be regulated the standard for the regulation is much higher than for a privilege like driving.

Here is my solution pasted from another thread. Cure-all, not in the least, but a start and in part, aligned with your suggestion.

We have PSAs about smoking, texting and driving, drinking and driving and so on. Perhaps it is time to have PSA's about the dangers of guns, how to properly handle and secure them and the dire consequences of failing to do so.

We have sex education in schools so why not a course in fun safety and the dangers of guns to prevent some of these tragedies?

Time to find solutions that are achievable.

Daniel Kennamore 9 months ago

Thankfully this time only the gun nut died.

Hopefully the 2 year old is too young for this to cause permanent physiological trauma.

Meanwhile, gun nut apologists will pretend like there's nothing to see here and nothing will change. Again.

Pete Kennamore 9 months ago

Is everyone that owns a firearm a "gun nut" ?

Daniel Kennamore 9 months ago

No, but people who think it's more important to own a gun then raise their children in a safe house-hold sure are.

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