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Journal-World unveiling revamped comics section

The Journal-World is unveiling a new Sunday comics section, and a new weekday comics page on Monday.

The Journal-World is unveiling a new Sunday comics section, and a new weekday comics page on Monday.

September 24, 2017


Journal-World readers soon will notice a revamped comics section.

The newspaper today is unveiling a new Sunday comics section, and a new weekday comics page on Monday. Among the new offerings in the Sunday edition are:

• “World of Wonder,” a full-page feature by Laurie Triefeldt that uses colorful art and graphics to explore subjects related to history, science, nature and technology. The feature is a past winner of the National Cartoonists Society’s award for best newspaper illustration.

• “Prince Valiant,” a classic adventure-based cartoon that dates back to 1937 and tells the story of Val, a prince in King Arthur’s storied Round Table.

• “The Barn,” by Canadian cartoonist Ralph Hagen. The comic strip follows the adventures of a curious sheep name Rory and a sarcastic bull named Stan.

• “Speed Bump,” by Dave Coverly, an offbeat cartoon that focuses on life’s “outtakes.”

The weekday comics page also will have several additions. They include:

• “Dog Eat Doug,” by Brian Anderson, which highlights the love-hate relationship between Sophie, a female chocolate lab and Doug, the baby of Sophie’s owners.

• “Daddy’s Home,” by Tony Rubino and Gary Markstein, which tells of the trials and tribulations of Pete, a stay-at-home dad, and his family.

• A new Janric Classic Sudoku puzzle, which will be in addition to the sudoku puzzle that currently runs in the Journal-World.

In addition, “The Barn” and “Speed Bump” cartoons both will be added to the weekday comics page.

“We know that people love their comics pages, and making any changes can be tricky business,” Journal-World Editor Chad Lawhorn said. “But there are a lot of great comic offerings out there that we want to share with readers. These changes will get a lot more variety in the newspaper.”

The Journal-World will have to discontinue some comic offerings. “Peanuts,” “Pearls Before Swine,” “Hagar the Horrible” and “Baby Blues” no longer will run on the weekday comics page, but all will continue to run in the Sunday comics section. In addition, “Off the Mark” will no longer run on the weekday page or Sunday section and “The Buckets,” “Prickly City” and “Dustin” no longer will run in the Sunday section.


Andy Craig 5 months, 3 weeks ago

No Pearls Before Swine!! It’s the only one I read daily. I guess I’ll find it online elsewhere.

Andy 30 year subscriber

Kendall Simmons 5 months, 3 weeks ago

You could have gotten rid of "Classic Charlie Brown" and kept "Pearls Before Swine" and "Off the Mark". could have done what you've done before and ASKED US!!!

And PRINCE VALIANT??? Good God. I doubt 1% of your readers would have chosen THAT hoary old strip. It was dull 60 years ago when I was a kid!

And why on earth do we need a second Sudoku puzzle??? Or that "educational" page" right in the middle of the comics. Just because it won an award for "best newspaper illustrations" doesn't mean it belongs with the comics.

I know you're trying to save money. But giving us garbage without even asking? Come on.

Jeffrey McPheeters 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Inadvertently you have now made it much easier for us to end our nearly 40 years of continuous subscription to the JW. I've been contemplating it for some time, and this change makes it much easier to do.

Julie DeYoung 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Please keep Pearls Before Swine. And seriously, Prince Valiant???? Though it's not in the Comics section, please replace Dear Annie with someone who can actually give good advice. Half of her column routinely is readers supplying her with better advice than she gave. Ask Amy is MUCH better.

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