Letter to the editor: Colyer deluded

To the editor:

I read with some amusement the charge made by Jeff Colyer that the premium rate increase sought by Kansas insurance companies for next year is all due to that dreaded Obamacare.

Good grief, Mr. Colyer, it would behoove you to read a newspaper once in a while. The rate increases are due largely (in the insurance companies’ own words) to the fact that the federal government (read: Republicans) double-crossed the insurance industry by threatening over and over to stop the agreed-to subsidies. Insurance companies don’t make a living on unmeasurable uncertainty. Hence the premium increase request.

The Kansas government (read: Republicans) has done everything in its power to cripple the Affordable Care Act, including shortening the enrollment period, gutting HHS funding to advertise enrollment, and canceling all consumer assistance to help people enroll.

Colyer claims that the proposed increases “…will force Kansans to cut their family budgets to obtain needed health care services.” If that’s the case, Jeff, why did you fight so very hard against Medicaid expansion that would have aided those very same people? This incredible position cost Kansas close to a billion dollars.

It is a sad day when rigid, simple-minded ideology poisons common sense and common decency.