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Letter to the editor: Colyer deluded

September 17, 2017


To the editor:

I read with some amusement the charge made by Jeff Colyer that the premium rate increase sought by Kansas insurance companies for next year is all due to that dreaded Obamacare.

Good grief, Mr. Colyer, it would behoove you to read a newspaper once in a while. The rate increases are due largely (in the insurance companies’ own words) to the fact that the federal government (read: Republicans) double-crossed the insurance industry by threatening over and over to stop the agreed-to subsidies. Insurance companies don’t make a living on unmeasurable uncertainty. Hence the premium increase request.

The Kansas government (read: Republicans) has done everything in its power to cripple the Affordable Care Act, including shortening the enrollment period, gutting HHS funding to advertise enrollment, and canceling all consumer assistance to help people enroll.

Colyer claims that the proposed increases “...will force Kansans to cut their family budgets to obtain needed health care services.” If that’s the case, Jeff, why did you fight so very hard against Medicaid expansion that would have aided those very same people? This incredible position cost Kansas close to a billion dollars.

It is a sad day when rigid, simple-minded ideology poisons common sense and common decency.


Bob Smith 4 months ago

The ACA caused millions of Americans to lose their existing insurance coverage and forced them into plans with higher premiums and co-pays. That happened all across the country, even in states where Democrats control state governments. However, this will look like the teddy bears' picnic if Red Bernie's single payer scam somehow becomes the law of the land.

Ken Lassman 4 months ago

You mean the millions of Americans who owned junk-bond style catastrophic insurance policies that didn't even meet Minimum Essential Standards qualifications of assisting with at least 60% of the actuarial value of allowed benefits? Those policies were such a scam that created the illusion of coverage without having to provide insurance that many folks called them "unsurance." If this shell game legislation slides down the lower intestines of congress by the end of the month, expect those policies to return.

Glen Stovall 4 months ago

Oh Bob---you too need to read something other than the talking points that republicans put out. I guess if say those lies and" rigid, simple -minded ideology" over and over then you really do start to believe them yourself. I'm surprised you didn't talk about death panels.

Well said Richard Warrick!

Richard Heckler 4 months ago

Put forth choices which allow consumers aka voters to pick which seems more practical for their needs.

=== ObamaCare which retains the health insurance industry for those who are pleased with the medical insurance industry after all it is their dollar. This needs stiff federal regulations that cannot be superseded by the states. Offer a tax dollar rebate at the end of every year that would equal about what families would “payout” through taxes FOR Single Payer = $3300..

=== Single Payer Medicare for ALL = excellent coverage for those who wish to enroll. The absolute best choice on planet earth. This group does not need tax rebates because our taxes are working for this plan and we the taxpayers.

WE know that using the existing medicare template to service Medicare for All Single payer saves lots and lots of dollars over reinventing the wheel.

=== ALLOW self financed health care for those able to do so. Paying out of pocket is more efficient for this group. Offer a tax dollar rebate at the end of every year that would equal about what families would “payout” for Single Payer through taxes = $3300.

=== ALL Disabled vets should receive Medicare with a 100% benefit so they and their families can receive medical care immediately upon discharge. Make it retroactive.

=== Let the voters approve this package. NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE UNDERINSURED AGAIN NEVER EVER.


Steve Hicks 4 months ago

"It is a sad day when rigid, simple-minded ideology poisons common sense and common decency."

Well put, Mr. Warrick.

You pinpoint the core problem from which "conservative" mis-rule stems.

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