Latest Douglas County court filings for Oct. 30, 2017

The Douglas County Courthouse.


Philip Andrew Weinmaster, 31, Baldwin City, and Hannah Senaida Janke, 25, Baldwin City.

Sean Brumwell, 40, Lawrence, and Katherine Andrews, 26, Lawrence.

Maxwell Bryan Irby, 22, Lawrence, and Sarah Kayle Wages, 21, Lawrence.

Benjamin D. Williams, 23, Lawrence, and Margaret Ruth Gripka, 24, Tonganoxie.

Justin Lee Bruce, 27, Baldwin City, and Amanda Ren Reed-Gossman, 28, Baldwin City.

Drew Michael Loftin, 33, Eudora, and Danielle Kelly Consley, 31, Eudora.

Timmothy Bradley Van Natta, 38, Lawrence, and Sara Lynda Schutlz, 42, Lawrence.

Sean Andrew Tubbs, 26, Eudora, and Jordan Anderson, 28, Eudora.

Sarah Franklin, 37, Lawrence, and Brian Gene Gisick, 39, Lawrence.

Kyle Ian Stout, 32, Baldwin City, and Kaylyn Elizabeth Price, 28, Baldwin City.

Patricia White, 33, Lawrence, and Thomas Connors, 31, Lawrence.

Andrew David Newberry, 31, Lawrence, and Sheilah Collette Prill, 25, Lawrence.

Stiven Mesa, 27, Lawrence, and Vanessa Restrepo, 25, Lawrence.

Michael Owen Taylor, 45, Lawrence, and Amanda Michelle Denton, 36, Lawrence.

Matthew Sunner, 21, Lawrence, and Mattie Bieberly, 22, Lawrence.

Allyssa Marie Hanson, 27, Lawrence, and Brooks Nicholas, 27, Lawrence.

Adam Lomax Weaver, 25, Lawrence, and Bailey Sue Scales, 23, Topeka.

Waylon Dean Banks, 36, Lawrence, and Alison Kay Mesler, 28, Lawrence.

Rachel Saylor, 29, Columbia, S.C., and Peter Jensen, 28, Columbia, S.C.

Felix D. Ceradsky, 28, Lawrence, and Raven Harris, 26, Lawrence.


Justin Gene Feurt, 32, Stockton, and Cara Marie Feurt, 47, Lawrence.

David Hutcherson, 50, Lawrence, and Rosa Hutcherson, 56, Lawrence.

Eric D. Ireland, 47, Eudora, and Julie Grandon-Ireland, 54, Eudora.


Eric Nelson Nuckolls and Karla Kay Nuckolls, 707 E. 15th St., Eudora.

Cassandra Naomi Krutz, 4700 W. 27th St., No. Pp5, Lawrence.

Xay Her, 2200 Harper, Lot D46, Lawrence.

Rod Corwin Smith, 1836 New Hampshire St., Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

Nov. 30, 2017

Brandi Jo Houghton, 643 East 1050 Road, Baldwin City. Judgment: $154,804.

Dharma Raj Gurung, 913 Christie Court, Lawrence. Judgment: $87,958.

Cody Young, 936 La Salle St., Lawrence. Judgment: $92,697.

John Teichman, 602 W. 27th Terrace, Lawrence. Judgment: $148,337.