Latest Douglas County court filings for Oct. 23, 2017

The Douglas County Courthouse.


Sarah M. Regan, 22, Platte City, Mo., and Mitchell J. Arends, 22, Lawrence.

Stephanie Joy Hamilton, 42, Eudora, and Jon Greener, 46, Eudora.

Ian Staples, 32, Lawrence, and Teija Cheung, 31, Lawrence.

Robert C. Hutchinson, 36, Lawrence, and Stacy Edwards, 31, Lawrence.

Andrew Thomas Straker, 26, McLouth, and Tasia Nikol Reuber, 23, McLouth.

Anthony Wayne Thomas, 32, Overbrook, and Laura Lee Huffman, 34, Overbrook.

Robert T. Bender, 36, Lawrence, and Mary Bellamy, 30, Lawrence.

Paul Randolph Klepper, 34, Lawrence, and Caitlin Rose Donnelly, 35, Lawrence.

Dianna R. Morrissey, 36, Gardner, and Dustin Christopher Masters, 25, Gardner.

Deanna St. Cyr, 39, Lawrence, and Kayla Dawn Nowak, 25, Lawrence.

Rebecca Duffett, 39, Lawrence, and Timothy A. Oliver, 39, Lawrence.

Leslie Anne Hardin, 34, Lawrence, and Kerry Ryan Shaw, 32, Lawrence.

Karli Dobler, 20, Lawrence, and Blake Warner, 24, Lawrence.

Brent Wiese, 24, Baldwin City, and Amanda Bryant, 23, Baldwin City.

Benjamin Todd Byers, 29, Lawrence, and Bayley Kate Hartman, 27, Lawrence.

Shane B. Moore, 41, Lawrence, and Catherine E. Florez, 42, Lawrence.

Jami Kay Bessey, 24, Lawrence, and Devon Wayne Stamper, 24, Lawrence.

Andrew Michael Seemiller, 28, St. Louis, Mo., and Jessica Lauren Green, 29, St. Louis, Mo.

Clayton Travis Hendricks, 39, Lawrence, and Jennifer Kaye Phillips, 34, Lawrence.

Eric Wayne Thorton, 24, Lawrence, and Kathryn Elizabeth Gilroy, 25, Lawrence.

Christian Michael Scheidt, 21, Fort Riley, and Nicole Danelle Farrow, 18, Lawrence.

Zachary Ryan Wiebe, 27, Eudora, and Kelsey Brianna Barrett, 24, Eudora.

Douglas Dean Smith, 39, Bonner Springs, and Melissa Stouffer, 37, Bonner Springs.

Akwasi Nti-Addae, 32, Lawrence, and Erin Dunlap, 31, Lawrence.

Matthew Michael Heiman, 38, Overland Park, and Katherine Alexis Foster, 27, Overland Park.

Joseph A. Kolhoff, 28, Lawrence, and Zahra Crystal Nasrazadani, 29, Salina.

Michael James Zimmerman, 46, Baldwin City, and Christine Elizabeth Loomis, 44, Baldwin City.

Phillip Joseph Basciano, 30, Denver, Colo., and Keslie Lynnae Kandt, 30, Denver, Colo.

Derek Kandt, 28, Lawrence, and Sophia Stockton, 26, Gardner.

Gabriel Scott Ramirez, 33, Lawrence, and Tess Elizabeth Brackemyer, 23, Lawrence.

Chelsie M. Pyatt, 24, Hartville, Mo., and James Johnson, 30, Broomfield, Colo.


No divorces granted in Douglas County.


Jennifer Marie Meyer, 1227 Brook St., Lawrence.

Kasey Lynne Shepard, 700 Monterey Way, Apt. B2, Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

No new foreclosures in Douglas County.