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Kansas State seeks to cut $12 million after enrollment drop

October 18, 2017


— Kansas State University officials say they are developing a plan to cut $12 million because of a drop in enrollment.

Fall enrollment at the university fell by nearly 1,000 students — or 4.1 percent — compared to last fall. It was the first time in 15 years Kansas State enrollment fell below 23,000 students.

University officials said Wednesday the $12 million budget reduction would come from administrative and academic units.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports Kansas State President Richard Myers said an enrollment management consultant will be hired to review current operations and make recommendations to increase enrollment.

Pat Bosco, the school's dean of students, said aggressive recruiting of out-of-state students didn't compensate this fall for fewer international students. And he said the in-state pool of potential students had declined.


Richard Quinlan 6 months ago

cost for tuition and housing alone 10,000 per semester. What families are able to float that boat ? That doesnt include car costs , travel , clothing . Universities including KU are out of control. Yep I know back east or west it can be 20,000 semester. Give the kids a chance !

Steve Jacob 6 months ago

Lot's of good points in the story, international students not feeling as welcomed, visa and H-1B dropping, more competition from Canada, ect.

Richard Heckler 6 months ago

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