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Kobach gets help from Trump Jr. in Kansas governor’s race

Donald Trump Jr., right, will be in Kansas on Nov. 28 for a campaign fundraiser for Kris Kobach, who is running for governor.

Donald Trump Jr., right, will be in Kansas on Nov. 28 for a campaign fundraiser for Kris Kobach, who is running for governor.

October 16, 2017


— Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's run for the Republican nomination for Kansas governor is getting a boost from President Donald Trump's son.

Kobach announced Monday that Donald Trump Jr. will be in Kansas on Nov. 28 for a campaign fundraiser. Kobach is vice chairman of the President's commission on election fraud.

So far 18 candidates — 11 Republicans, six Democrats and an independent — have appointed treasurers or committees for a campaign for governor next year, a requirement to raise money.

Kobach says in a news release it is an honor that Trump Jr. will join his campaign "at this important time."

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback is term-limited and is expected to step down this fall to become U.S. ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom.


Steve Jacob 4 months, 1 week ago

Jr. could be in front a judge before then. 11 Republicans on the ballot means better odds he wins the primary, Orman on the ballot in November means you don't need 50% to win.

Michael Kort 4 months, 1 week ago

Is Kobach getting any help from the Russians yet ? ? ?

Any offers of private foriegn briefings, .......on the failings of his opponents ? ? ?

Kansas is "DEAD LAST NATION WIDE IN JOB CREATION" after 6+ years of Republicans and Brownie..........( well, I admit......they did create a few new underling lawyer political jobs in the SOS's office, order to catch how many fraudulent voters ? ? ? ......Kobach had to build that staff be important ! ) what is wrong with this state ? ? ?,... that we would even consider another Republican, as being the next governor.........let alone Kobach ? ? ?

Has Koback ever made back in $ fines from voter fraud convictions of the convicted confused aged Republican voters (?) what he has $ spent on expanding his staff of SOS Witch Hunters ? ? ?

There it is .......the whole Republican Tax Cutting Hoopla about bringing new businesses in to Ks. with magic tax cuts !......that ended in a retroactive tax being passed in the middle of a tax year (?) by geniuses who couldn't see it coming for 6 years + before .

Kansas is a boat without a rudder, a sail or a paddle to row with, crewed by a group of Republican nuts !

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 4 months, 1 week ago

Ah, yes. Laffer is bringing his failed economic policies to the national stage, so I guess we should elect another governor to continue the destruction of Kansas. I guess it won't matter when Trump follows the failed experiment to the whole country.

Secretly, Laffer's experiment was really to make sure the rich got richer, and the poor poorer. That was his real goal.

Michael Kort 4 months, 1 week ago

Actually, the plan was to allow LLCs to build income wealth untaxed that they could later pay out to their own partners after income taxes had been totally removed and replaced with SALES TAXES as the state's source of regressive tax revenue that mostly hits the poor the hardest .

The LLC's partners would have eventually gotten tax free accumulated income pay outs and the religious right wing middle class and poor working stiffs would have gotten screwed with a regressive sales tax forced on them by their own manipulatable stupidities .

So here we go again nationally with "The Donald" and the "Laffer Tax Plan" .

Well,......what did we expect (?) from a President who nominates the US Legislative Deregulator of OPIATE DRUGS ( who made it illegal for the DEA to regulate opiate drug distribution ), ( leading to the opiate drug epidemic that is killing americans right and left ) to be his Presidential DRUG CZAR pic ? ? ?

Crazy Is As Crazy Does ! ! ! ( just remember ....that it is going to be "Really Great" (?) and "You're Going To Love It" (?) ) ..................CRAZY......RIGHT !

Ken Lassman 4 months, 1 week ago

C'mon, Kris, wrap that Trump flag around you a little tighter, please. We want to make sure that when the Donald goes under, you're going with him.

Ray Mizumura 4 months, 1 week ago

The legend in his own mind, Donald "Kid Brylcreem" Trump, Jr., gearing up to hit that campaign trail in the Sunflower State! Ain't we lucky, fellow Kansans? Haven't heard much from or about this invaluable public servant these days--nice to see that the Kobach juggernaut has found something to keep Kid busy. Although he's not as quick on the Twitter draw as his formidable father is, watch out! Kid Brylcreem is playing for keeps, ready to help Kobach finish the job that Sam Brownback started: the bleeding and burial of Kansas.

Michael Kort 4 months, 1 week ago

Kobach is the guy who referred in a meeting of Ks. Republicans, to his belief that The League Of Women Voters and the ACLU were Communists groups !

Well, at least after campaigning for his father in the last election, Trump Jr. actually knows what a communist looks you think ?

So is Kobach getting any help from 'The Red House" to discredit his opponents ?

Richard Heckler 4 months, 1 week ago

The Laffer Curve has been getting laughed off the economic stage for years now. Some say Laffer forgot anything he might have learned through economics 101.

Remember Brownback brought in Laffer. What did we learn?


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Richard Heckler 4 months, 1 week ago

Kobach the man leading the way to remove moderate republicans and democrats from the voting rolls across the nation. Yes Trump's right hand man on this issue.

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