Latest Douglas County court filings for Oct. 2, 2017

The Douglas County Courthouse.


Christopher A. Nicholson, 27, Lawrence, and Leah K. Maness, 25, Lawrence.

Jeremy Patrick Mcclellan, 25, Eudora, and Megan Marie Thomas, 26, Eudora.

Cheng Yang, Lawrence, and ‘shulin Guo, Lawrence.

Nathan Jones, 29, Lawrence, and Caitlin Mcgowan, 29, Lawrence.

Kevin Carlyle Robinson, 23, Eudora, and Alicia Ayanna Rocha, 24, Eudora.

David Dean Garrison Jr., 27, Baldwin City, and Samantha May Bode, 24, Baldwin City.

Emily M. Ballock, 25, Lawrence, and Darrin Sorem, 25, Lawrence.

Beth Bockrath, 57, Lawrence, and Jason Haskell, 46, Lawrence.

Jesse Rey Pace, 29, Eudora, and Kellie Noreen Amott, 28, Eudora.

Yi Xi, 53, Lawrence, and Haijing Li, 53, Lawrence.

Nicholas Blaine Engle, 28, Lawrence, and Corey Frederick Sherman, 26, Lawrence.

Erik Wesley Hansey, 34, Mission, and Jeannie Elizabeth Brown, 29, Mission.

James Boyd Savage, 37, Lawrence, and Kelsey Lynn Fannin-Kane, 33, Lawrence.

Autumn Whitt, 37, Lawrence, and John Morris, 34, Lawrence.

Evan E. Clothier, 26, Lawrence, and Talisha Ann Cox, 25, Lawrence.

Shaylan Ashley Owen, 35, Bloomington, Ind., and Matthew Ryab Rood, 21, Bloomington, Ind.

Dylan Caine Ballinger, 27, St. Louis, Mo., and Alyssa Marie Rudman, 27, St. Louis, Mo.

Zachary Adams Baugh, 31, Lawrence, and Jennifer C. Matney, 28, Lawrence.

Jennifer Mccutchen, 31, Leavenworth, and Joshua Smithey, 34, Leavenworth.


Scott T. Schmidt, 38, Lecompton, and Jennifer L. Schmidt, 35, Lecompton.

Dawn Rene Barton and Kelly Dean Findley, 51, Lawrence.

Gregory John Schiffelbein, 24, Baldwin City, and Mackenzie Lee Cadue, 24, Tonganoxie.


Robin Mitchell Giess, 2372 North 900 Road, Eudora.

Karen Sue Boyle, 1083 North 1860 Road, Lawrence.

Linda Marie Martin, 2426 Danbury Place, Lawrence.

Lawrence James Straughn, 1303 Cherry St., Eudora.

Brian Curtis Runk, 821 Oak St., Lawrence.

Lawrence Paul Stroda, 420 North St., Lot 2, Lawrence.

Corina Shanae Elston, 255 N. Michigan St., Unit 124, Lawrence.

Marc Edwin Bouton and Donita Sue Bouton, 1312 North 1056 Road, Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

No new foreclosures in Douglas County.