Latest Douglas County court filings for Nov. 20, 2017

The Douglas County Courthouse.


Thomas F. Creel, 30, of Lawrence, and Kelsey Marie McBride, 24, of Lawrence.

James Swanson, 41, of St. Louis Park, Minn., and Heather Simmons, 36, of Lawrence.

Calysta Snell, 32, of Lawrence, and William John Hinzman, 37, of Lawrence.

Henry Franklin Murphy, 76, of Lawrence, and Kathleen Ann Erickson, 71, of Lawrence.

Justin Paul Milburn, 40, of De Soto, and Shelly Renee Doris, 38, of De Soto.

John Raymer, 22, of Lawrence, and Kendra Stindt, 23, of Lawrence.

Christopher Wayn Jorgensen, 26, of Lawrence, and Erica Louise Kuestersteffen, 25, of Lawrence.

Michael S. Peters, 37, of Lawrence and Mischell Molod Arante, 21, of Lawrence.

Nathaniel Guy Weeks, 24, of De Soto, and Brianna Lee Cook, 18, of De Soto.

Daniel G. Nordstrom, 48, of Lawrence, and Maria Elena Cuevas, 29, of Lawrence.

Ryan Anthony Resendez, 24, of Lawrence, and Kang Zheng, 23, of Lawrence.

Abbigail J. Hurd, 27, of Lawrence, and Joshua George, 27, of Lawrence.

Patrick Robert Shaw, 28, of Lawrence, and Sarah Elizabeth Diekmann, 25, of Lawrence.

Jared Buckert, 30, of Warsaw, Ill., and Tori Carder, 26, of McPherson.

Jon Michael King, 49, of Lawrence, and Kathie Ann Shump, 47, of Lawrence.

William Andrew Robichaud, 37, of Lawrence, and Jamie Renee Shockley, 29, of Lawrence.

Zachary William Warner, 26, of Lawrence, and Alyssa Desiree Vasquez, 22, of Lawrence.


Mark Paakanen, 55, of Lawrence, and Destani Paakanen, 48, of Lawrence.

Santos Alexander Cano Romero, of Lawrence, and Sheila M. Ward, 53, of Lawrence.

Jennifer Farmer, 38, of Lawrence, and Stanley Farmer, 42, of Lawrence.

Vincent Lee Walker, 33, of Flint, Mich., and Tierra Dawnte Walker, 33, of Baldwin City.

Jodi Sydney Garner, 36, of Lawrence, and Matthew James Garner, 31, of Lawrence.


Tracy Lynn Ross, 619 Whitfield St., Lot 1B, Lecompton.

Jackie Beth Randolph, 200 Summertree Lane, Lawrence.

Joshua Lee Davey, 414 E. 10th St., Eudora.

Jessica Michelle Wilburn, 1020 Illinois St., Apt. 2, Lawrence.

Molly Marie Kirk, 1648 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Christopher Gerard Kelsey, 1110 Rhode Island St., Apt. A, Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property every Thursday. The auction is at 10 a.m. in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

Nov. 30, 2017

John Crones, 607 Lyons St., Lawrence. Judgment: $98,309.

Frances Ann Beier, 1740 Indiana St., Lawrence. Judgment: $84,037.

Riley Gibson, 214 King St., Baldwin City. Judgment: $75,839.

Unknown heirs of Nebe Smart, 509 Lincoln St., Lawrence. Judgment: $73,239.

John Teichmann, 602 W. 27th Terrace, Lawrence. Judgment: $148,337.

Unknown heirs of Cody Young, 936 La Salle St., Lawrence. Judgment: $92,697.

Dharma Raj Gurung, 913 Christie Court, Lawrence. Judgment: $87,958.

Brandi Jo Houghton, 643 East 1050 Road, Baldwin City. Judgment: $154,804.

Dec. 14, 2017

Unknown heirs of Delores Guy, 2728 Meadown Drive, Lawrence. Judgment: $121,346.