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Lawrence man claims he was shot and robbed, then admits he accidentally shot himself

Lawrence Police Department

Lawrence Police Department

November 11, 2017


A Lawrence man was taken to a local hospital Friday evening after shooting himself in the foot.

According to a press release from Sgt. Amy Rhoads, of the Lawrence Police Department, police officers answered a call at 8:07 p.m. Friday at 3323 Iowa St., regarding a possible shooting. Officers found a 19-year-old man who said he had been shot in the foot by an unknown man attempting to rob him on a walking trail. After the man was taken to a local hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries, he told police the gunshot wound was self-inflicted and there was not an attempted robbery, Rhoads said.

The incident remains under investigation, Rhoads said.


Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 1 month ago

Perhaps if this man had been required to have training before he was allowed to have a gun, he wouldn't have shot himself in the foot. And the question becomes, where is that gun now? Did an ambulance take him to the hospital? Did he ditch the gun somewhere? We know we have an irresponsible gun owner, who will be allowed to keep his gun, but isn't anyone concerned? Does he have young children? If he does, other parents would like to know, so they won't have any play dates at his house.

Sam Crow 1 month ago

Dottie, you have a more active imagination than George Lucas.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 1 month ago

So do you believe that gun owners shouldn't be trained, and that it's okay to let your children play in the house of an irresponsible gun owner? Really? How about a drug dealers house? How about a wife beater's house?

Bob Smith 1 month ago

Dorothy, are you okay? You've been a bit more off plumb today than usual.

Rick Aldrich 1 month ago

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Bob Smith 1 month ago

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Bob Summers 1 month ago

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P Allen Macfarlane 1 month ago

And yet another prime example of why it is such a good idea to allow untrained, probably immature individuals to carry a weapon. I love it!

Bob Smith 1 month ago

Every day, tens of millions of American firearms owners manage to avoid such hijinks.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 1 month ago

Are you calling American farmers untrained and immature? How weird. Most farmers I know grew up trained with guns, if they own them at all. And an immature wouldn't work as hard as farming is. Not sure where you get your information or opinions, but they are pretty insulting.

Brock Masters 1 month ago

Dorothy why are you responding to Bob when it was P that made the comment about untrained and immature?

Classic - Dorothy calls for more training but when she thinks Bob made the comment about training immediately reverses position and goes into full Scream at the Sky attack mode.

Of course she also has to make stuff up by bringing in farmers when the story and no one mentioned farmers. Good example of an untrained and immature attempt at posting.

Bob Smith 1 month ago

Dorothy, your repeated failures to connect to reality are insulting.

Brock Masters 1 month ago

Took you one sentence to capture what I was trying to say in 3 paragraphs 😜

Brock Masters 1 month ago

If it was a handgun then he possessed it illegally. Punish him severely for violating gun laws. Strict enforcement of existing gun laws and maximum penalties imposed is part of the solution to violence

Michael Kort 1 month ago

In the whatever of the moment, this individual made a false statement to police which should have consequences ?

1) He started a false investigation and search for the perpetrators ? who was actually just himself ?

2) He obviously occupied police services, that could have obviously been better used elsewhere in Lawrence to deal with real crimes as opposed to imaginary one made up to serve whatever his purposes were ?

In some states you can actually get paid a goodly sum of cash $ if you can prove that you were the victum of a violent crime......and yes, what happened to the gun ?........or was he shot by a stranger ? under unknown circumstance ?..... A stranger who made tha gun disappear with themselves ? or did the police and the LJW simply leave out the fact of where the gun was in the custody of whom ? by simple omission from the story ?.....did they check his clothes for gun powder residue consistent with a self accidental shooting ?

As the Sargent said, this is under investigation...... and it all just sounds a little fishy screwy to me !

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