Latest Douglas County court filings for Nov. 6, 2017

The Douglas County Courthouse.


Patricia Prohaska, 34, Lawrence, and Dutch Phillips Dillingham, 31, Lawrence.

Douglas Hunsberger, 48, Moundridge, and Theresa Wyle, 45, Lawrence.

Shane Maxwell, 47, Perry, and Melody Barnes, 53, Perry.

Eric Massie, 29, Lawrence, and Erin R. Mahoney, 33, Topeka.

Samuel Andrew Pippert, 29, Lawrence, and Sandra Marie Dexter, 27, Lawrence.

Jenell Coplen, 22, Lawrence, and Jake Delatorre, 20, Lawrence.

Damien John Rubanick, 38, Lawrence, and Meagan Michelle Chapman, 25, Lawrence.

Andrew David Feuerborn, 30, Lawrence, and Jordan Clare Rickabuagh, 27, Lawrence.

John Thomas Bourneuf, 30, Kansas City, Mo., and Chelsey Lynn Nassen, 30, Kansas City, Mo.

Ashley G. Roberts, 34, Lawrence, and Ashley Lynne Howard, 29, Lawrence.

Micaela Chavez, 28, Lawrence, and Mallory Wagner, 31, Lawrence.

Taylor Petrik, 27, Fort Collins, Colo., and Haley Funk, 27, Fort Collins, Colo.

Dustin John Reichart, 36, Topeka, and Michelle Marie Pickert, 32, Wichita.

James Allen Dendy, 28, Topeka, and Robyn Amanda Doxtator, 26, Topeka.

Vikram J. Rana, 28, Lawrence, and Molly Thurman, 28, Lawrence.

Melinda C. Roeder, 35, Lawrence, and Joanne Kathleen Simon, 28, Lawrence.

Tanisha Kimberly Hart, 30, and Cheyenne Berlyn Hauert, 23, Lawrence.

John C. Moore, 48, Lawrence, and Margoret Gilmore, 47, Lawrence.

Christine Alexandria Mick, 26, Lawrence, and Douglas Adam Speight, 26, Lawrence.


Anthony Wisdom, 40, Lawrence, and Leah Wisdom, 40, Lawrence.

Gertrude E. Palenske, 66, and Ray G. Palenske, 68, Lawrence.

Cynthia Susan Kopf, 58, Lawrence, and Keith Kevin Kopf, 60, Lawrence.

Michael Wells Bridges, 34, Eudora, and Casandra Dawn Bridges, 33, Eudora.

James Harris, 40, Carbondale, and Brandy Harris, Lawrence.

William Angel Cocheese Rodriguez, 31, Linwood, and Katie Michele Brown, 30, Eudora.

Stephan Alan Guinn, 56, Lawrence, and Irma Suyapa Guinn, 45, Lawrence.

Dana Pilkington, 41, Lawrence, and Blake Pilkington, 43, Lawrence.

James Harvey Canaday, 58, and Lynda Canaday, 64, Lawrence.

Katherine Elizabeth Moore, 22, Lawrence, and Daniel Galina Rivera, 29, Lawrence.

Joshua Baber, 24, Lawrence, and Codi Jean Garvey, 25, Lawrence.


Eldon Eugene Flory and Heather Leigh Flory, 3514 Clinton Parkway, Lawrence.

Angela Melissa Farmer Reppond, P.O. Box 3162, Lawrence.

Emily Taylor Kelsey, 2708 Meadow Place, Lawrence.

David Lee Razo and Diana Marie Razo, 1235 Spruce St., Eudora.

Jodi Kay Wiegand, 2714 Crestline Road, Lawrence.

Leo Daniel Smith, 120 Minnesota St., Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

No new foreclosures in Douglas County.