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Opinion: GOP’s hypocrisy is staggering

May 18, 2017


Dear Republicans:

So how much more will it take? What else do you need to see?

Seriously: What Rubicon must yet be crossed, what crisis must be borne, what tragedy must befall, before you stop smiling queasy, nothing-to-see-here smiles, stand like grown-up women and men and say, finally, that enough is enough?

You are posing for history here. The portrait is not flattering.

Consider that in just the past few days, Donald Trump has fired the FBI director investigating his campaign’s possible ties to Russia and its meddling in last year’s election; provided a prima facie case for obstruction of justice in an interview with NBC News; and been accused of having once asked the director for an oath of personal loyalty just like — sorry, but it’s accurate and apropos — Hitler required of the German Army.

After all that, he went and spilled highly classified secrets to Russia’s foreign minister and ambassador.

As first reported Monday by the Washington Post, he evidently did this while boasting — big surprise. Worse, the information was from a third party — reported to be Israel — that had not authorized the United States to share it. So Trump’s blabbermouth will likely chill our relationship with that third party and shut off that and other valuable sources of information. Would you share secrets with a nation whose president leaks like an overactive bladder? Not incidentally, Trump may well have endangered that third party’s assets on the ground.

Yet, Republicans, the responses from your leadership have been largely tepid. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sniffed that he’d like to see “less drama.” And House Speaker Paul Ryan, who once opined that Hillary Clinton’s carelessness with classified materials should disqualify her from handling them seems, at this writing, to be suffering from laryngitis.

Sorry, Republicans, but that will not do. In recent years, your party has been an engine of perpetual outrage and permanent investigation on matters great and small that embarrassed Democrats. From Bill Clinton’s sex life, to Hillary Clinton’s emails, to Barack Obama’s birth certificate, to the tragedy at Benghazi, you have seldom missed a chance to appear before the people in moist concern and righteous indignation.

Which makes your leaders’ moral flaccidity in the face of this outrage all the more untenable. What Trump has done in just the last week — forget the daily transgressions of the last four months — would’ve had you howling for Obama’s blood and building a scaffold for Clinton.

How much longer will you stand in partisan solidarity to protect a guy who would not walk across the street to protect you? Have you no loyalties deeper than party? To what, exactly, do you pledge allegiance? You need to decide soon because, contrary to McConnell’s pious wish for less “drama,” this will not get better.

People often ask if Trump is “crazy” or engaged in some deep strategy invisible to mere mortals. But they are overthinking him. All evidence suggests the answer is actually simple: Donald Trump is stupid.

No, not “ignorant.” Ignorance can be fixed. Trump is profoundly stupid. Yes, he has a certain native cunning. But he is simply not smart.

Compounding the problem, he is incredibly arrogant. Given the power of the presidency, that’s a supremely dangerous combination. As proof, consider the damage he has done in just four months. Then consider that at least 44 more lie ahead. Your course of action, if you have even a molecule of courage, integrity, or country love, should be obvious.

Impeach him now.

— Leonard Pitts is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The Miami Herald.


Gary Stussie 10 months ago

In the same issue that gushes over Manning's pardon for stealing and releasing 700,000 classified documents ("You go Girl"), Pitts decides "Trump's blabbermouth" will bring down the empire. When I watch CNN or read his column I always feel like I need a shower afterwards.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 10 months ago

I like CNN and watch them every day. This is the very best source of good information on the national disaster that is impending in the country. And all you folks who hate and disdain the "Clinton News Network" need to take a hike and stop believing the massive campaign to destroy the reporting of reliable news in the United States of America.

"Fake news" is a dodge used by Trump to do just that.

Hitler would have loved to have had you folks in his Third Reich where journalists were imprisoned and killed.

Gary Stussie 10 months ago

"I like CNN and watch them every day." ... with all due respect, that goes without saying. Consider tuning into another source or two ... consider tuning in to One America News occasionally. Refreshing to see fairly factual presentation.

Brandon Devlin 10 months ago

Sigh. Fred, you were doing so well not mentioning Hitler. . .

Armen Kurdian 10 months ago

Christ almighty, you're a terrible person Fred. Tell me how that analogy is valid considering the violence by the left against property, individuals of different political ideologies, shutdown of opposing voices, and the hate crime hoaxes perpetrated by liberals.

I know a lot of smart and intelligent people who are liberal with differing viewpoints who have a lot to offer society. I guarantee you are not one of them.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 10 months ago

Bravo, Lenny!! Your salient articles and cohesive opinions on this disaster-in-the-making are very heartening.

the cascading situation against Donald Trump is moving forward and it would appear that some needed action may be in the works. (If Muller doesn't cave to Republican leaders.

)" All evidence suggests the answer is actually simple: Donald Trump is stupid".

Your assessment is accurate and correct. It was readily apparent even before the fools who voted for him elevated him to this position of absolute incompetence.

This will be come ugly and disgusting, but the country needs to be relieved from this disaster that his campaign lies and foul bigotry have created.

Justin Hoffman 10 months ago

When will enough be enough Lenny? In 8 years when Trump is passing on the presidency to the next Republican. Until then, you and all the other liberals need to dry it up and put on your big boy pants. Your whining gets you nowhere.

Rick Masters 10 months ago

What's the over/under on this one? I want a piece of this "eight years" action.

Ken Lassman 10 months ago

It might be difficult to get much going there since most of the action is in his surviving 4 years. Here is what's going on in Europe since Las Vegas doesn't bet on politics:

Sky Bet is offering 2/1 odds that Trump will cease to be president in 2017, 9/2 odds for 2018, 7/1 odds in 2019, and 16/1 in 2020.

BetVictor offers 3/1 odds Trump will be out of office in 2017, 9/2 odds he’ll be gone in 2018, 5/1 in 2019, and 4/5 odds for 2020 or later.

Coral offers 8/11 odds that a Democrat will win the 2020 presidential election and 7/2 odds that Mike Pence will replace Trump as the Republican nominee in that election.

Betfair offers 4/1 odds that Trump will leave office in 2017, and 3/1 odds that he will be the next president. (Oprah has 19/1 odds.)

Ladbrokes gives Donald Trump 2/1 odds of winning the 2020 election but also gives the Democratic party 8/11 odds of doing so.

Other Paddy Power odds include, 4/1 odds that Sean Spicer will be sacked as White House Press Secretary in the second quarter of 2017, 3/1 odds that Trump will try to ban abortion, and, terrifyingly, 20/1 odds that Steve Bannon will succeed Trump in 2020.

Paul Beyer 10 months ago

The only remaining question is: How long before this orange clown and his enabling GOP nuts are gone? My guess is prior to 2018 elections and that it's possible both houses of Congress will no longer be controlled by the deplorable racist alt-right.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 months ago

I think the saddest part is the hypocrisy. Condemning Bill Clinton for adultery while the men in the forefront of this were all committing adultery. Condemning Ms. Clinton for not getting a divorce and putting her marriage back together, then saying they are the party of family values, while voting for a serial adulterer, who has been married 3 times, and has been caught on camera disrespecting women in general, and his present wife specifically. On camera, not fake news.

Declaring yourself to be pro-life, but then saying that it's not your job to pay for heart surgery for babies born to people who can't afford it. And condemning someone,who instead of having abortions, has children. Refusing to adopt or foster unwanted children. Kansas is supposedly all pro-life, but there's a shortage of foster homes? How many pro-lifers aren't stepping up?

Condemning gays, calling them perverts, and opposing their right to marry and adopt children, but forgiving the son of a family with more kids than they need who sexually abuses women, including his sisters.

Condemning all public schools, because some are failing, then telling us how you have these friends who can make a profit from our tax dollars and provide education, but only for the ones they accept in their school, and without accountability. Say you are pro education, but then say you should only get as much education as you can afford.

Calling poor people lazy, but they can't respond, because they are too busy going to their second job to try and make ends meet. Looking down on people who scan your groceries or cooking your burger, calling them stupid to be doing that job. And being too greedy to pay 50 cents more for your burger.

Putting a Support the Troops bumper sticker on your car, complaining about anyone who doesn't put their hand on their heart during the anthem, but rallying around a traitor confederate flag and spitting on homeless veterans or just disrespecting anyone with mental health issues, veteran or not.

I could go on, but.. it's too tiring.

Justin Hoffman 10 months ago

You see the world through a warped lens.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 months ago

Would you like to point out where I am wrong on any of this, instead of making bumper sticker statements? Oh yeah, you can't.

Armen Kurdian 10 months ago

Justin is right. This is a divisive, rather hateful, and completely dishonest diatribe on conservatism. there is ZERO substance to your post, it is all vitriol and liberal hysteria that you WISH with every fiber of your being was actually true so that you could actually feel better about yourself.

This is exactly why the discourse in this country is so poor right now is because of people like you. Are there some folks on the right who do the same thing? Yes, and that's shameful too. So if it's wrong on the right, it's wrong for you.

Asking for a rebuttal is just you digging a deeper hole for yourself. Neither I nor Justin are willing to play this game. I really genuinely wonder how good of a person you are when you spit this kind of claptrap out. Enjoy bathing in your hate if it makes you happy, but keep it to yourself.

Ken Lassman 10 months ago

Then exactly what game would you want to play, Armen? I'll have a serious discussion about ethical quandries the Republicans face with Trump at the helm--there's absolutely one to be had and while it must not be easy for conservatives to see what Trump's actions have done to the conservative agenda, there's certainly room for intelligent conversation about it, one that I hear the beginnings of in Republican Party circles simply because it is glaringly obvious that Trump style as president is not going away any more than Trump as candidate did.

As a thinking conservative, what is your response to what is happening in Washington?

Ray Mizumura 9 months, 4 weeks ago

No, she needn't keep it to herself, Mr. Kurdian. Dorothy has her facts straight, she uses them well, and so far as this country's discourse is concerned, it would be much better with more voices like hers and fewer like yours.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 10 months ago

Dorothy, you have hit a lot of nails on the head in your insightful and thoughtful essay on this issue of our society. Especially your notice of the perverted slug who is now the "president".

My congratulations to you for your convincing post. I am sure your (actually our) detractors on this forum are sifting through the dictionary to find words to attack us with!

Many thanks and keep it coming!!!

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 months ago

Some of the detractors are probably checking out Fox, Rush or Britefart to attack, not the dictionary.

Michael Kort 10 months ago

Just hear the DONALD on TV with the President of Columbia and Trump was telling the reporters how well Ford Motor Co was doing..........but just last night I heard a different story on the news about Ford .

I know.......anything that contradicts the illusions presented by our president is fake news !

Any time that he is near a microphone he just can't resist the urge to tell a lie .

Jim Phillips 10 months ago

"GOP’s hypocrisy is staggering", Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Richard Heckler 10 months ago

Where is investigative journalism with substance?

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