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Source: Trump asked Comey to shut down Flynn investigation

May 16, 2017, 6:10 p.m. Updated May 17, 2017, 2:42 a.m.


Firing FBI Director James Comey is already coming back to haunt President Donald Trump.

In dismissing Comey last week, Trump created the very real possibility that a respected law enforcement official known for an outspoken nature and willingness to buck political convention could resurface in public.

And while Comey himself has been silent, his associates have been exposing intriguing details of his encounters with Trump.

On Tuesday, an associate revealed that Comey had written a memo in which he described Trump asking him to shut down an FBI investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Comey, who was known to keep a paper trail of sensitive meetings, chronicled the president's request soon after the February Oval Office meeting with the president, an associate who has seen the memo told The Associated Press. The associate was not authorized to discuss the memo by name and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The FBI and Justice Department declined to comment Tuesday on accounts of the memo, which was first reported by The New York Times. The White House disputed the account.

The conversation occurred weeks after the FBI interviewed Flynn regarding his contacts with the Russia ambassador to the United States and after the acting attorney general, Sally Yates, warned the White House that Flynn had misled them about those conversations and could be vulnerable to blackmail.

Flynn was forced to resign Feb. 13 after reports of the Yates-White House conversation.

News Tuesday of Trump's request of Comey immediately renewed concerns from congressional Democrats that Trump was trying to obstruct an investigation that's been examining potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign.

"We are witnessing an obstruction of justice case unfolding in real time," Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Judiciary Committee member and former federal prosecutor, said in a statement. He called for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate.

Some Republicans also called for action, asking Comey to speak to Congress and demanding that any memos or recordings of his conversations with the president be presented to them.

Comey, appointed as FBI director in 2013 by President Barack Obama, spoke often about his desire to be as transparent as possible about FBI actions and about proving to the public that his agency was independent, competent and thorough.

"We're not on anybody's side, ever," he said in a March speech. "We're not considering whose ox will be gored by this action or that action, whose fortunes will be helped by this or that — we just don't care and we can't care."

He riled administrations of both parties with his moral certitude and decisions that critics said strayed from ordinary protocol, such as his public announcement — without the involvement of the Justice Department — that the FBI would not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her email use.

Testifying before Congress is familiar to Comey, a former Justice Department official in the George W. Bush administration.

As FBI director, he was accustomed to hours-long oversight hearings before Congress covering a wide range of topics. In 2007, years before his appointment as FBI director, he recounted to a rapt congressional audience a dramatic hospital room clash three years earlier with fellow Bush administration officials over the approval of a domestic surveillance program.

The associate who described the memo said Comey is willing to testify but wants to do it in public to ensure a full airing of events. Comey created several memos of encounters with Trump to ensure that a record would exist of conversations he found odd or troubling, according to the person.

Comey was abruptly fired May 9 and learned of the dismissal as he was giving a talk in Los Angeles. While the White House initially cited a Justice Department recommendation and Comey's very public handling of the Clinton email investigation as reasons, those explanations quickly shifted.

Trump later admitted in a television interview about Comey's firing that he was bothered by "this Russia thing" and said he would have fired Comey regardless of the Justice Department recommendation. He also tweeted a veiled threat last Friday warning the ex-director against leaking information.

Soon after the firing, a Comey associate told the AP that Comey recounted being asked by Trump at a January dinner if he would pledge his loyalty. The White House has denied that report.

The associate also confirmed an account from the Times that Trump vented about media leaks during his conversation with Comey, and that the president expressed support for seeing reporters in prison.

The associate also confirmed that Trump asked Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to leave the room before speaking privately with Comey about Flynn, and that the president told Comey he believed Flynn was a "good guy" and asked if the FBI could end the investigation into him.

After Tuesday's revelation, the White House said in a statement, "While the President has repeatedly expressed his view that General Flynn is a decent man who served and protected our country, the President has never asked Mr. Comey or anyone else to end any investigation, including any investigation involving General Flynn."

There is no sign the FBI's Russia investigation is closing. Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe told Congress last week the investigation is "highly significant" and said Comey's dismissal would do nothing to impede the probe.


Steve Jacob 10 months ago

Reminder Trump did not send the memo. But, if Comey goes before a committee and swears Trump said this, the FBI will be asking the President some very tough questions.

Steve Jacob 10 months ago

Pay attention to the stock futures overnight. Everyone has ignored everything Trump has done up to now. The markets have been waiting for any sign to sell and take all the profits they have made in 2017, and this might be it.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 10 months ago

I have vented my spleen on these forums a number of times. Most of you here know where I stand on this debauched and incompetent jerk who you folks now call "president"..

I fervently hope that enough evidence of criminal activity can be found to impeach this guy and get our government back on track to decency, civility, honor, reliability, morality, fairness, workability and a whole host of other conditions missing in the current office holder.

We can only hope.

Michael Kort 10 months ago

NOOOOO.............TELL ME IT AIN'T SO ! ! !


Well, that's OK because soon Trump will be jailing Hillary, making Mexico pay for the wall, correcting the bad financial behaviors of CHINA, MEXICO, CANADA, NATO........and get this .........because he..... and he alone.........will bring peace to the MIDDLE EAST ! ! !

ALRIGHT ! ! ! ( or whatever ) ' Never mind me.....why .....i am just having a "Great American Presidential Delusional Moment" !......and i am not alone,....there are lots of others who are delusional..... along with me ! it must be right ?

Gary Stussie 10 months ago

I suspect him actually accomplishing many or all of those tall goals is the Dems worst nightmare. Try to remember that it will do the Dems no good to be in command of a sinking ship.

Bob Reinsch 10 months ago

Congrats to those that will end up on the right side of history. To the rest, well... you were completely caught off guard, and nobody tried to warn you.

David Reynolds 10 months ago

It's amazing the way the Trump haters jump on everything the media prints and assumes it is correct.

So far the media is "Ofer" with their articles about President Trump.

This is nothing more than another unsubstantiated article.

Wouldn't it be prudent to wait to see if it was true before you gleefully embarrass yourselves?

Ask yourselves why the medidia isn't making headline news and a big fuss out of Bernie Sanders wife, Jane, being investigated for fraud by the FBI?

Isn't it just a little suspicious that the media runs with unsubstantiated reports about President Trump yet ignores real truthful stories about a very public Democrat?

Now tell me the left media doesn't lie to its readers thru acts of omission and commission.

Jj Lawrence 10 months ago

True, the media is "Ofer" with their articles about President Trump... except for, you know, the article a couple of days ago saying he discussed classified information with Russia, which Trump later confirmed that he did discuss. But other than that, and a few other instances, the media has indeed been "Ofer."

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 months ago

Pretty soon they will spin this too, and come out and say that Trump was just joking with Comey and that he misunderstood, and then David will be hiving that spin, until the next time. He's real good about spreading what Rush, Fox, and Britefart tell him to spread.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 10 months ago

The media is correct, accurate and trustworthy. Those who subscribe to Trump and Rush Limbaugh's stupid and ignorant comments about the national media are deluding themselves.

At their peril.......Truth will prevail in spite of the haters and ignorant fools who regard the national media as unreliable. They cannot tear themselves away from their fawning love of Trump and dedicated hatred of Hillary Clinton.

Bob Smith 10 months ago

"...The media is correct, accurate and trustworthy..." That's the funniest thing you've ever posted here.

Gary Stussie 10 months ago

I thought LJW had a policy against name calling ... while I know readers get a kick out of Mr. Whiteheads rants, virtually everyone of his posts violates that policy

Bob Smith 10 months ago

Every little mudshow needs a geek to bring in the rubes. Marion used to fill that role here. Now it is Fred's turn in the pit.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 10 months ago

Trump is speaking at the Coast Guard Academy in his usual stilted and strained manner. Now he is making a political scam out of this speech to these graduates. Shameful, typical of anything that Trump spews out.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 months ago

Exactly. Just once for a few minutes, you would think he could stop talking about himself, just once. This is their graduation. He should be talking about their future and their service to our country. But no... It's all "me, me, me". He treats his speeches as his own personal whine fest. He is an embarrassment to our country.

David Reynolds 10 months ago

Just once for a few minutes you would the akt-left in their hyperventilating against Trump would find something constructive to say.

You alt-left members of the Hive, you do realize your current behavior & blurting nothing constructive is the exact reason why you have lost every election since '08 when Obama won.

You do realize your behavior is not constructive to turning that around. But then maybe you don't care, or are oblivious to the obvious.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 months ago

Would you care to comment on his speech to the Coast Guard Academy. We would like your thoughts, instead of your attacks. We gave our opinions on what he had to say, now we want yours.

And what would be constructive in your opinion? Should we not point out any of his lies? Should we believe everything he says? Should we not be appalled by his narcissistic comments and attitude? What would be constructive? No one seems to be able to make him stop his tweets. No one seems to try and get him to focus on running the country. He complains about not getting a full staff, but come to find out he's the one who has been dropping the ball. They can't confirm anyone, if he hasn't nominated anyone.

If you think the only constructive thing to do is to follow him blindly, then it's not going to happen. I am not a puppet. I have never agreed a 100% with any president, and I've never been shy about expressing my opinion. I have to say, I'm working real hard to find something about Trump that I can trust or support, and I've tried really hard. When he said that he was going to have a great health plan that was affordable and covered everyone, I agreed. But it isn't going to happen, is it? So how am I suppose to support a guy who is two faced? How am I suppose to support a guy who has no idea how the middle class and the poor live? What are your suggestions. I'd like to hear them.

And do you think it's okay for the president to ask the FBI to drop an investigation?

Fred Whitehead Jr. 10 months ago


Why don't you restate your contention and address the behavior of the "president"??

Give us something "constructive" about the perverted, incompetent, individual presently occupying the White House. the un-elected fool who is violating every convention, responsibility and policy of past "real" presidents?

Lets hear the best you can give us so we can be aware of these sterling traits and modify our outrage and dismay at the behavior of this idiot in the highest office in the land.

Lets have your take on these positive traits, now??

Phillip Chappuie 10 months ago

I am certainly not hyperventilating. I know nothing of this hive. But I am quite certain that DJT is sacrificing the integrity of the Constitution and the United States of America to bolster his own vanity and narcissism. He is a lying little unethical rich boy weasel. To defend his behavior is just plain not decent.

David Reynolds 10 months ago

I have scanned commentary regarding his speech & even the mefia hasn't pounced on t in a negative far.

So maybe someone can give us a specific list of what he said that was so terrible.

Sounds pretty normal outlining accomplishments, rooting the Cosdt Guard, etc.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 months ago

He talked about how poorly he has been treated, and of course he has been treated worse than any other president, because even the bad things are bigger and better. Of course, the presidents who were assassinated might disagree with them about bad treatment. Even Obama would argue that Trump hasn't had to show his birth certificate. Don't you get tired of hearing him say over and over that every thing in his life is bigger, better, worse, more successful and more, more, more than anyone in the whole world. That doesn't just disgust you, even a little bit or even get old? Even his son tried to say the his father came up from nothing. Nothing? Come on. Couldn't he have some humility, some thankfulness that he was born into a wealthy family with lots of perks?

David Reynolds 10 months ago

No Dorothy I don't get tired of it because I listen past what most people say & try to find some substance.

Yes, President Trump thinks pretty highly of himself. After all he took his dad's millions and made billions. Then he ran for president and won. Nothing to be laughed at...some I sense envy it, and of course we have those in society that want to lower everyone to the same level. I am numb to it as I spent 20 years in management & executive management in Fortune 500 companies and heard it all...some may think its a negative, but it's those thoughts that drove them to achieve their personal and financial success and of course their companies succeeded as well which enriched the stock holders.

Try listening past the things that are extraneous and listen for intent. Where is he trying to go, what is important to him, how is he trying to improve the lives of Americans?

Yes he has a right to complain about the media. They have done nothing but try to inundate him with spurious charges and trying to run him out of office. That's because the "establishment & members of the left" don't want their sand box messed up. It is now glaringly apparent the establishment wants, and the left are more than anxious to go along, to turn America into a socialist country, where-in the establishment will continue to get rich and everyone else will be limited in what they can achieve.

People want to come to America because of the idea America is! The idea and fact is you can achieve whatever you want if you are willing to work hard enough to achieve it. And when you get knocked down you get up and try again. America was not built on socialism. It was built on a dream of a better life and the willingness to work hard to achieve. It was not built on ever increasing social programs which create dependence. Yes there are some in need, but not everyone.

America's greatness is based on self-determination, hard work to achieve your dream. The only person standing in your way is yourself.

So if Trump is being a little bombastic, so be it. If the left quits fighting him at every turn maybe we can achieve something together...and everyone's dreams will have a better chance of being brighter and more achievable.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 10 months ago

David..........where do I begin.........Trump is a pervert as we learned long before the election......he is a liar, proof of that is everywhere...the "hive" does not need to provide any evidence of that. Trump is likely making millions of dollars from his many less than honest business dealings as he sits on his butt in the Oval Office. And it is highly likely that his business dealings in Russia are in conflict with the "Great America" he is so fond of blathering on. And as a damned liar, he said his tax returns would be released as soon as the "audit" was over. This "audit" is likely just another one of his prolific lies.

Liar, liar pants on fire. Our "president" How wonderful!! But never fear......Vladimir Putin likes him!!

Bob Smith 10 months ago

Scare quotes give us all the information we need to evaluate your rantings.....

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 months ago

Achieve what. Every time he opens his mouth it's something different. He is going to build a wall and spend money on our infrastructure, but give everyone, especially his rich buddies and family a tax cut. Does he even know how we pay for infrastructure? Do you? Are we going to privatize that? You can't travel unless you have enough money to pay the company (troll) that owns the road. He is going to build a wall, except who is going to pay for it? Mexicans? Nope. Who is going to pay for all the suits that will be brought by land owners?

What made America great was innovation, not just hard work. Innovation is not holding on to old energy sources, like oil and coal. It's not holding on to the fact that we are no longer the only large economies in the world. It does not come from requiring standardized tests in school and cutting creative programs like art and music. Innovation is not going backwards when men were men and women and people of color knew their place and didn't get uppity.

And it's not about making broad generalizations about "hives" and "libtards" and "blacks" and "feminists". And ask Mercedes Williamson, a transgender murdered by her ex, because his macho buddies were going to find out about her. Someone stood in her way.

Ask who stood in my way, but not forever fortunately. A counselor who didn't bother with kids from working class families. A landlord who wouldn't rent to me, because I was a divorced woman. (She rented to a bunch of good, white college boys, who tore it up instead. Karma!), a company who wouldn't promote me to lead person, even though I always subbed for my lead person when he went on vacation and he recommended me. Oh, and if it wasn't for those evil socialist "quotas", I wouldn't have been hired there anyway. They didn't want to hire Blacks, so they filled their quotas with men. Then there was the Montgomery Ward guy who wouldn't give me credit for a fridge, even though I had credit with my ex husband, because I was a woman. Even after I explained to him that I had been supporting my husband. All of this would have made many just give up, and it has. But I've always been stubborn. But why should anyone have to put up with that crud. Why wasn't I given that job, because I am a hard worker, and intelligent, instead of a quota. Why was it on me to prove how well a woman could do that job. Did you ever have to represent white men and prove your race and sex was worthy?

David Reynolds 10 months ago

Well Dorothy you mention a number of issues. I haven't the time nor inclination to respond to all of them. I abhore your mistreatment, and admire your resilience. That's part of what makes America great is a persons perseverance by getting up when knocked down. Your to be admired for that.

I have a different story but required perseverance as well. My father was a policeman and shot & killed 2 months before I was born. It was the late '30s & early '40s no social help. My siblings went to an orphanage & I didn't live with my mother until I was 7. The rest of the story is long but I had to partially support myself when I was 10. I worked for 62 years working full time nights and evenings from grade school thru 2 degrees in college, the latter supporting a wife & 2 children. So I also had my hurdles to overcome.

But your & my examples exemplify what makes America great. America's promise allows that.

Regarding your initial comments, I believe you have made a number of assumptions. We don't know the final outcomes.

With regard to pay as you go tolls & private ownership of roads. We have had that for decades. I-70 was initially in private ownership. Tolls have been part of our way of life.

You mention affordability. That's all about people & jobs. I have railed about the economy locally for decades with it's reliance on KU & residential property taxes. I know locals don't like incentives, but if you want to attract business it's a reality. We just need to structure them properly.

You mention tax breaks for the rich. What about rebates for solar & other environmental programs. You are personally paying a lot of money for my neighbors to have energy efficiency upgrades. They all make above average incomes yet there is support for those rebates to try to reduce global warming. So some of those greedy coporations that can't get a tax incentive to come to town and provide jobs, their fellow rich corporations are given tax breaks on their products so people with money can get a reduced price on expensive innovated products.

So nothing is purely one way or the other as politics would like us to believe.

There are competing ideas regarding how issues should be resolved, that doesn't mean we need all this vitriol & venum. It doesn't solve problems, it polarizes.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 months ago

Why do want children of police officers to have to go through what you did? I would not want people to go through what I did. There is enough tragedy in the world, why not try and ease some of it? Why would you be against the social help for people who lose their fathers? Why would you be against a woman getting paid for a job, so she could support her kids when she is left alone.

And I have no problem giving incentives to business, but holding them to a contract that is specific to what we expect out of those incentives. Lawrence, in particular, has been naive and gullible and have been ripped off more than once. Giving incentives without laying out consequences if they don't live up to their deals is not very smart at all.

And I'm not going to pay a toll to go to the grocery store. Poor people have the option to take other routes than I70. What happens when all roads are tolls? What happens when companies make deals, so they don't have to pay the tolls to transport their goods? Guess who gets stuck with the bill. Want a rebellion? Make it hard for people to travel easily.

Michael Kort 10 months ago

Julius Ceaser says hello to Donald Trump and sends his sympathies over the mistreatment of Trump ( THE MOST ABUSED WORLD LEADER EVER ! ) by the back stabbing fake news media ?

KIng Louis The 16th Of France and Marie Antoinette are just speechless ......and Hittler is still burning mad over the failures of his general he is not talking ......and Mousaline is hung up somewhere,.... and unavailable for comment .

Yes, Trump is certainly the most abused leader ever ? ( probably not a statement that Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton would buy into ) .

And then there was Bush Senior.....he built a coalition.....he put Sadam back in his box......he was smart enough not to take over Iraq .....or start the Arab Spring......which lowered our cost of oil.......but he was dismissed by the picky voters for raising taxes to pay for our military adventures in the Middle East, to continue the flow of our addiction to foriegn oil .

Maybe if trump wouldn't lie so much and constantly distort the truth and then have to do his walk back his distortions ?...........but then we have freedom of speach in this let Trump nail himself with his own words ........and his own tweets !

Trump lied for five years very publically and deliberately about Obama and his citizenship......all of which was a lie and full of vitriol and venom .....and parroted by expert bird brains like Rush and Bannon .

Why is it, when the world wakes up to notice these Trump political scams, that the right wing, all of a sudden wants politics to be sooooo civil ?............and certainly not like they treated Obama for eight years ? !

Ray Mizumura 10 months ago

David Reynolds, it's astonishing to know that someone with a background as tough as yours is could support Donald Trump. I'm not telling you what to believe or who to believe in. But you've paid dues in life. Donald Trump has not.

You end your comment with a plea to end polarization. I couldn't agree more. That's why I oppose Donald Trump. He does nothing but polarize and antagonize--that is, when he's not feeling sorry for himself and portraying himself as history's most unappreciated leader and greatest victim.

True leaders earn respect, leading by example. Donald Trump has earned only contempt because he respects no one. The shame he has brought on this great nation is wide and deep and it will be lasting. Future generations will curse us for putting this man in power, and with good reason.

Bob Smith 10 months ago

"...In the past there would have been a world of difference between the Washington Post and Saturday Night Live. Today they are part of the same lefty echo chamber. The media, all the various parts of it, is now one big influence operation. The machine works by developing and taking fake news attacks viral. WaPo and SNL are in the same business. There isn’t even much of a stylistic difference. The Washington Post's "Trump fired Comey because he's taller" could easily have come from Saturday Night Live, The Onion or the Daily Show. The truly damning epitaph of American journalism is that there isn't much of a difference. Saturday Night Live isn’t doing comedy and the Washington Post isn’t doing journalism. They’re both manufacturing viral Trump attacks. Getting your news from the Washington Post is as worthless as getting it from Saturday Night Live.,,"

Ray Mizumura 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Maybe it's true that the sources you dislike are a "lefty echo chamber." But you don't want diversity of perspectives, Bob. You just want a right-wing echo chamber. FrontPage is obviously on the same team with The Blaze, Daily Caller, Breitbart, and FOX. You don't have to like or want left-leaning sources, Bob, no one has to. But don't pretend that the outlets you favor don't have their biases in the other direction.

David Reynolds 10 months ago

Ray my support is for the ideas President Trump represented. I would have supported Obama if he had held those dame values.

I am not hear to bash people or past Presidents.

I see America & its values under attack: religion, laws & constitution, people important in society, our education system does not reward achievement no one gets a grade & everone gets a trophy, members of society are pitted against ieach other thru demographics, our economy is in a shambles & debt is out of control, demands for dependency programs, 94+/- citizens not even looking for work, etc. I was praying for reversals of those situations.

I didn't see that in our past candidates nor in President Trumps opponent.

I would like to see President Trump have his chance to right the ship in my eyes.

No person is perfect & neither are the members of congress nor other world leaders with which President Trump must deal.

I look past peoples flaws for the positives & threir potential as best I can. Everyine can make a positive contribution if given a chance.

President Trump is not being given a chance.

I believe its not his personality issues that are the problem. President Trump is under attack because Hillary list, period!

This made up story by the Democratic party & media that the Russians interfered in the election is very damaging to the USA. Its a false narrative.

I bekieve we have ab opportunity to get our country on track again. I believ there are some that are determined to not let that happen. Thars what I am defending.

David Reynolds 10 months ago

Sorry for the misspellings above. Typing fast on my cell phone. Thats 94 million +/-.

Richard Aronoff 10 months ago

Some of you need to step off the hamster wheel.

Comey's memo says that Trump said, "I hope you can let this go....." There's a big difference between an order and a hope.

And some of you might consider that Trump thought that the firing and pubic humiliation had been enough. Just like when asked after the election if he was going to pursue a prosecution of Hillary Clinton he replied no because she's been through enough.

Now, if you want to talk about obstruction of justice, we can discuss Bill's meeting with Loretta on the tarmac in Phoenix. Anyone with a room temperature IQ can't possibly believe they talked about golf and grandchildren.

Ray Mizumura 10 months ago

I agree that the hamster wheel runners need to give it a rest.

This investigation will drag on for years, cost millions of dollars, and in the end, 45th President will be stronger among his supporters and more reviled among his detractors. There will be no impeachment unless control of Congress shifts back to the Democrats, and at the moment, that is unlikely.

Yes, the erudite Bill Clinton has no common sense and thinks rules don't apply to him because he's convinced of his good intentions. He was stupid and perhaps broke the law with that tarmac meeting. Even if he wouldn't have done that, however, Hillary Clinton still would have lost. Same goes for the Comey revelation. I voted for Clinton/Kaine and I did volunteer work for them and my feeling was always that they never truly attained momentum at any point in the race. Their campaign was reactive, not proactive, and that's a losing formula.

The best approach for the Democrats and other opponents of this administration of thugs and degenerates would be to play things much cooler, get much better organized, and compete anywhere and everywhere. That's what I want to see happen and that's what I'll be helping. Otherwise, the 2020 election is Trump/Pence's to lose because of incumbency and other historically significant factors.

Michael Kort 10 months ago

Impeachment ?.... Who knows ?......but here is the list of presidential successors . .

Bob Smith 10 months ago

Foolish fantasies. "...To remove Trump from office via impeachment, you need a two-thirds majority of the Senate. Even if all 48 Democrats and Democratic-aligned independents voted in lockstep to impeach, you'd still need 19 Republican senators to join them. That's a fantasy — at least based on what we know now, both about Russia and about the GOP-held Senate. It probably wouldn't even happen if, as Trump himself once imagined, the president shot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue. Remember, neither of America's impeached presidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, was actually convicted and removed from office via such a Senate vote. Why? Because it's really, really hard to do...."

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