City to fill sidewalk gaps on a dozen streets, including Ousdahl Road, Kansas Street and East Glenn Drive

The City of Lawrence is preparing to fill several thousand feet of sidewalk gaps in coming months.

Additional segments of concrete sidewalks and sidewalk ramps will be added to 12 streets throughout the city, including large segments on Ousdahl Road, Kansas Street and East Glenn Drive, according to a city staff memo provided to the City Commission.

Most of the approximately $230,000 project will be funded using federal grant money. Funds from Community Development Block Grants will pay for about $205,000 of the cost, and the remainder will come from the city’s pedestrian-bicycle funding.

The federal grants have been used to improve the walk-ability of low to moderate-income areas in the city. The city’s goal is to fill in sidewalk gaps in order to have sidewalks on both sides of arterial and collector streets and on one side of residential streets. School routes and connecting residents to “points of interest” throughout the city is also a focus.

The commission voted to move forward with the sidewalk gap project as part of its meeting Tuesday. The sidewalks will be constructed throughout the spring and summer.

A map of the sidewalk additions is available on the city’s website. The 12 streets that will have sidewalk additions constructed as part of this year’s project are:

Kansas Street

Park Hill Terrace

Walnut Street

Ousdahl Road

24th Street

Belle Haven Drive

Cedarwood Avenue

Locust Street

Cadet Avenue

East Glenn Drive

Miller Drive

Brook Street