Wichita police fatally wound 25-year-old man who pointed gun

March 19, 2017

— A Wichita police officer fatally wounded a 25-year-old man who pointed a gun at officers during an altercation that also led to the death of a police dog.

The Wichita Eagle reports the incident happened Saturday night around 8 at the Lamp Lighter Mobile Home Park on the south side of the city.

Police said officers were initially called because of a domestic disturbance. Officers surrounded the home before the 25-year-old walked out with a gun in his waistband.

A police dog was sent after the suspect to stop him from re-entering the home. That’s when gunfire was exchanged wounding both the dog and the man.

Sgt. Nikki Woodrow says authorities believe the suspect shot the dog named Rooster, but an investigation will be conducted.

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